Hilltop Hiker


Unforgiving winter weather abates with a sunny pause

Hiking on hills and trails will be today’s special cause

The hiker dresses warmly due to the windy, chilly air

Hoping that his stamina will last without any cares

He looks prepared to attack a vigorous hour-long walk

Knowing that later his body might find a way to balk

The wooded trails in their colorless winter hue

Appearing in a much different look and view

A plump, gray squirrel scurries among fallen logs

Searching for a hasty snack to retain and hog

The shadows look friendly and different today

Walking these trails will seem more like play

The hiker’s pace remains steady and brisk

Feeling stronger without taking on a risk 

More travelers arrive at the challenging trails

Experiencing nature’s offering without fail

The journey takes the hiker up the outer route

Seeing barren trees and fallen limbs all about

Nature provides a spiritual place for all to shine

Inspiring anyone who walks this wooded shrine

A young boy’s eyes scan up a very steep hill

Finding a solitary deer brings him a thrill

The pace of the hiker remains steady and true

Tackling the inner trail, he will soon be through

A former homesite greets the hiker’s arrival

Wondering about a family’s long ago survival

The unaccompanied hiker finishes once more

Smiling because his body doesn’t feel too sore








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