Do You Ever Wonder?


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Receiving as a birthday gift a FitBit

Does it really get used or just sit?


Spending millions on ceaseless health care television ads

Why do rising drug prices make me feel like I’ve been had?


Eating at a restaurant that advertises a menu of “real good” food

Will someone explain the meaning of “good” to change my mood?


Hearing “Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas” again on the radio

Did I really see singer Burl Ives caroling out in the snow?


Watching commercials with animals who talk

When is enough really enough before I walk?


Viewing yet another rerun television show

Would anyone care if I played my banjo?


Finding tiny pill box in my small travel bag

Why does a missing pill want to play tag?


Seeing country music stars dressed up with extra glamorous glitz

Does anyone remember “Hee-Haw” and Roy Clark’s guitar blitz?


Reading a label on the side effects of my newest meds

How would I really know about being allergic instead?


Standing below the mistletoe on a freezing winter night

When was the last time anyone was kissed in its sight?


Resting quietly in corner of hodgepodge clutter’s garage

Why is new bicycle hiding behind junk’s camouflage?


Frustrating political ads, insulting my common sense

Honestly, do I need to feel that dimwitted and dense?


Assembling an “easy to build” children’s playground

Do the leftover parts mean that my work is sound?




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