Autumn’s Arrival (Haiku Series #156)

Bless You!

Allergy time peaks

Summer moves into autumn—

Ragweed in full bloom

Golden, flowering ragweed sprouting everywhere.

Splendid Transition

Summertime fading

Crisp, cool mornings signal change—

Autumn’s billboard colors

Autumn colors Ohio’s Chestnut Ridge Metro Park.

Poetic Time

Autumn comes knocking

Where have all the song birds gone?

Morning’s quiet peace

Quiet morning along the trail at Chestnut Ridge.

Endless Images (Haiku Series #108)


Precious moments live

One fallen leaf at a time—

Autumn passes by

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Barren and quiet

Sleeping during winter’s cold—

Trees rest, chilling out

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Heavy, humid air

Wind wringing out the water—

Pleasantness arrives

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Boundless Nature (Haiku Series #105)


Gentle breeze blowing

Autumn leaves fluttering down—

Fading memories    

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Pollen count drops low

Refreshing air we now breathe—

Morning rains arrive

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Morning’s early dawn

Fog blankets each creek and pond—

What mysteries wait?

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Winter’s Playfulness

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Quiet autumn afternoon croons

Turning crystal white much too soon


Tree’s colorful, festive heart breaks

Collecting endless white snowflakes


Guarded weather forecast tonight

Predicting quickest shot of white


Overnight, all signals splinter

Transforming autumn into winter


Morning arrives, sharing delight

Witnessing a land, white and bright


Massive neighborhood tree now frowns

Missing some branches, crashing down


Silence broken, machines at play

Blowing heavy, wet snow away


Others working as busy bees

Shoveling sidewalk paths, now free


Laughter punctuates winter’s air

Watching children, playing in pairs


City avenues filling with cars

Sliding and crashing, near and far


Winter’s sense of humor snowballs

Spoiling autumn’s last curtain call


But wait, a few days down the road

Coming back, fall’s last episode


Days numbered, autumn’s final turn

Waiting for winter’s cold return


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Cleansing Rain

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Autumn rains lasting for days

Covering the land with mist

Cleansing under cloudy haze

Rising pollen, now dismissed


Harvest pausing, farmers wait

Parking soybeans, left to take

Drying cornstalks, know their fate

Standing ready, combines brake


Creeks filling, slowly at first

Running water, sent ahead

Suspending reservoirs’ thirst

Pausing for now, winter’s dread


Nature’s perfect cycle breathes

Singing praises to the Lord

Watching as autumn unsheathes

Waking when spring comes aboard


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Haiku Series #34 (Autumn)


Sidewalk traveling

Leaves pile higher and higher—

Feet sweep them away


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Autumn arrives now

Silently, fluttering leaves—

Memories gather


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Rain-filled day arrives

Autumn’s colors descending—

Empty, barren trees

low angle photography of trees under gray sky

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Autumn Celebration

alley autumn autumn colours autumn leaves

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Reflecting back to summer one final time

Thankful now, fall air has arrived—so fine


Enjoying late night, chilly times around the fire pit

Roasting marshmallows, everyone warms and sits


A pre-dawn morning welcomes an autumn walk

Bringing opportunities for a brisk God-filled talk


Grooming up the yard before winter cold arrives

Raking leaves as long as tired muscles survive


Friday nights bring fans to exciting high school football games

Which teams will stand out on their way to victory and fame?

action adult american football athlete

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Observing another magnificent setting sun

Rich hues and shadows generate much fun


The sun settles below the horizon, very distant

The harvest moon will soon arrive in an instant


Farmers work steady throughout the busy daytime

Harvest will soon finish up, making families feel fine


Walking through a peaceful and empty city park

Falling leaves cause trees to look bare and stark


Enjoying this most favorite season of the year

Let’s take a road trip, to someplace far or near


The calendar fills with festivals and celebrations

Octoberfest and bazaars reach out to a nation

woman inside booth

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Fall and Halloween décor showcased on time

Encouraging autumn’s images to further shine


Nature prepares for another frigid, winter season

Squirrels and chipmunks stay busy with a reason


A camera lens wakes up to spectacular views

Autumn’s pigments captured, brilliant and true


Driving down the highway on a sun-filled afternoon

The dazzling show of autumn’s colors will end soon


Sorting through mothballed clothing once again

Finding that winter coat—where have you been?

red and orange autumn leaves on the ground and on trees beside body of water

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Hidden Treasure


Autumn expectantly arrives across the land

Bringing to the thick woods, a merry band

Threesome of hikers search for the lost cabin

Hiding in the forest, ready to make life happen


This time of year is special and waiting for a reason

Journeying together and meeting every fall season

Years have not been kind to this old place

Providing shelter, not much else to taste


Cozy and pleasant, with one gigantic room

Building a fire to bring warmth to us soon

No electricity, no indoor plumbing—that’s right

Waiting is a weathered outhouse—out of sight

focus photography of a ignited firewood

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Kitchen wood stove awaits its initial directions

Starting up its fire, offers dinner’s selections

Water and supplies need to be packed in

Realizing this old cabin, ain’t a Holiday Inn


Aroma of burning pine logs, fills the indoor air

Relaxing in this hidden cabin, without any cares

Darkness comes early to this quiet place

Reading by candlelight, at a leisurely pace


Early morning arrives with light frost outside

Smelling brewed coffee and pancakes inside

This rustic cabin remains a cherished treasure

Escaping the 21st Century, for simple pleasures

close up photo of gray wooden door

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A few months back, I wrote about family treasures in Little Treasures and the experiences of walking with nature in Hilltop Hiker.  You are invited to read these poems in case you missed them.  Thanks for spending some time with Big Sky Buckeye.