Springtime Sketches (Haiku Series #226)

Hibernation Ends

Spring singing praises

Greener lawns growing thicker—

Revving up mowers

Photo by Magic K on Pexels.com

Never to Worry

Thunderstorm’s downpour

Lifeboats unavailable—

Trusty umbrella

Photo by Huy Phan on Pexels.com

Working Together

Swirling wind tunnel

One step forward, two steps back—

Clutching friend’s tow rope

Photo by Tiana on Pexels.com

14 thoughts on “Springtime Sketches (Haiku Series #226)

  1. Richard, I’m waiting on the man I hired to mow each week. Besides a tough ER trio and treatment, along with sniffles from allergies, spring is still giving me hope. I’m finding strength in our Lord! Blessings! Beautiful words, as always.

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  4. Your Haiku is perfect for what we are experiencing here, too… “One step forward, two steps back” … Yesterday I thought spring was in full swing. Woke to snow this morning. This afternoon it’s all melted already!

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