Big Sky Treasures #8

One of Montana’s most treasured gems resides in Glacier National Park.  Founded in 1910, the park sits along the Rocky Mountain spine of northwestern Montana with the Blackfeet Reservation nestled to its east.

With over 700 miles of trails, the park fulfills any hiker’s paradise.  Trails range from easy (Trail of the Cedars), to moderate (Avalanche Lake), to strenuous (Grinnell Glacier).  A variety of wildlife populates the park with over 70 types of mammals and over 260 avian species. 

With nicknames of “Crown of the Continent” and “Backbone of the World”, Glacier National Park provides quite an experience with some of America’s most exceptional natural wonders.  Mountains, scenic vistas, rivers, lakes, and glaciers wait to be captured by any photographer’s camera.

Lake McDonald stands as one the hallmark sights to visit with its crystal-clear waters and mountainous surroundings.

Lake McDonald (courtesy of Pinterest)

The Going-to-the-Sun highway presents an incredible automobile journey, second to none. 

One of the grandest hotels in the park is found at Many Glacier Hotel, which is located along Swiftcurrent Lake.  It has been open since 1915, and was designed as a series of chalets.  When one looks at its two-story structure, it is easy to believe that the location might be Switzerland instead of Montana.

Built in 1936, the Swiftcurrent Fire Outlook offers quite a view.  One feels almost like standing on the top of the world.

Swiftcurrent Fire Outlook (courtesy of Pinterest)

Life Sketches (Haiku Series #197)

Dropping Out

Living off the grid

Not even Google will find—

Modern mountain man

Photo by Mathew Thomas on

Glass Slipper Fits

College football’s quest

Cinderella comes knocking—

Another upset!

Photo by Pixabay on


Marvelous music

Keyboard’s personality—

Piano man’s hands

Photo by Pixabay on

Mountain Retreat

Photo by Adam Krypel on

Waking from short overnight nap

Mind navigating through dense fog

Seeing Venus, shining above

Campfire went out, hearing bullfrogs


Experiencing nature’s gifts

From this lofty mountain retreat

Rubbing shoulders with Creator

Simple life, better than Main Street


Viewing twinkling lights down below

Village sound asleep, missing this

Flickering campfire heats coffee

Tranquility Base, full of bliss


Cooking up heartiest breakfast

There’s plenty for both me and you

Inviting Christ to take His seat

Mountain retreat, feeling brand-new


Breathing in nature’s harmony

Alone, never feeling that way

Taking in this heavenly scene

Lord, please allow this hour to stay


Photo by Vlad Bagacian on

Nature’s Calling (Haiku Series #138)


Mountains to valleys

Earth’s blessed contrasts invite—

Highest to lowest

Photo by Mateusz Sau0142aciak on


Probing earth’s oceans

Endless waters reaching shore–

Never grows weary

Photo by Travis Rupert on


Galaxy’s journey

Universe enriches life—

First contact with stars

Her Spirit Lives

Montana’s Crazy Mountains (courtesy of Pinterest).

Howling wind joins darkness

From mountains standing tall

Screaming into valleys

Her spirit lives to bawl


River bottom cuts through

Shudders at her loud cry

Escaping into night

Her spirit never dies


Myths and legends live on

Woman wanders away

Never noticed again

Her spirit roams to prey


Crazy Woman Mountains

Dramatic island range

Lives into eternity

Her spirit must not change


Another winter night

Shivering voice calls out

Noisy lungs never sleep

Her spirit lives throughout

Another view taken from the south with the Yellowstone River in the foreground with autumn’s colors (courtesy of Pinterest).

Montana’s Crazy Mountains stand as a sentry above the valley near the town of Big Timber.  Nicknamed the “Crazies,” the wind always seems to be blowing.  If you wish to read more about them, here is a link to the mountains.

Faith and Mountains

From Mark 11:23:  “Truly I tell you, if you say to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ and if you do not doubt in your heart, but believe that what you say will come to pass, it will be done for you.”

Photo by Aditi Vinod Arya on

Life facing complex, hurting world

Rugged mountain peaks, blocking us

Never be in doubt, but believe

Accepting God’s grace, ride His bus


Immovable mountains stand tall

Remaining steadfast in prayer

Requiring faith in our Father

God watches over our welfare


Lacking faith, walking in darkness

Our Father sends His lasting grace

Prepared and willing to assist

His energy, ready to embrace


God seeks men and women of faith

Follow His Word, forever speaks

For our Lord’s glory and kingdom

Trusting Him, tackling mountain peaks


Believe totally in the Lord

Walking in faithfulness each day

Our faith moves our Father to act

Thanks be to God, He shows the way! 


Photo by Pixabay on

From the words of American pastor and author, E. M. Bounds:  “Only God can move mountains, but faith and prayer can move God.”

Scenic Mountain Vistas

Photo by Pixabay on

Sitting home, isolated and alone

Taking virtual trips, changes life’s tone


America’s landscapes invite us in

Scenic mountain vistas, adventures grin


Alaska Range, home to our northernmost peaks

Denali “the tall one” forever speaks


Cascade Range roams the Pacific Northwest

Snow-capped volcanoes offer stunning quests


Sierra Nevada’s enchanted land

Host national parks, majestic and grand


Rocky Mountains form this nation’s backbone

Stunning beauty, more precious than gemstones


Sawtooth Mountains salute from Idaho

Endless summits bring skiers to the snow


Bighorn Mountains, sacred to native ways

Montana-Wyoming border sings praise


Adirondack Mountains, New York’s playground

Winter skiing, fall foliage—best around


Great Smoky Mountains push for Tennessee

Fog-covered peaks, spellbinding all agree


Blue Ridge Mountains welcome us back home

Free-flowing Shenandoah smiles and roams

Photo by Polina Chistyakova on

Wherever you live or where your travels take you, you may have a favorite mountain paradise.  One of my precious favorites is the Beartooth Mountains in south-central Montana, a stone’s throw away from Yellowstone National Park.  

You are invited to share one of your special places in the comments.

Montana’s rugged Beartooth Mountains [photo courtesy of pinterest].

Mountaintop Wedding


Mountaintop Wedding.jpg

Montana’s Lone Mountain stands above most peaks

Providing skiing challenges and thrills for all to seek


Today brings sweet, special time on this tallest mountain

Witnessing marriage joy, more beautiful than any fountain


On cloudless and frigid Friday, love will indeed arrive

Blessing God’s joining of two people, to forever thrive


This loving couple enjoys their shared passion to ski

Planning to tie marital knot, wedding party shall see


Carried to lofty summit, gondola ride quite soaring

Bride and groom cement their love at mid-morning


There’s no more beautiful moment than a wedding

Linking of two lives as one, in this majestic setting


Wedding vows exchanged in blusterous, bitter cold

Sharing their simple words of love, special and bold


Precious wedding rings left at home, safely hidden

Dropping them in deep powder, would be forbidden


Brief ceremony proceeds to its eventual conclusion

Watching husband kissing wife, seals God’s union


Newly married couple, outfitted in finest skiing attire

Skiing as husband and wife, before daylight expires


Easy to find, youthful bride finishing her downhill run

Wearing white veil on top of her helmet, just for fun


Husband and wife, skiers with remarkable skill

Sharing and enjoying further runs, sharing thrills


Holy Father sanctifying this couple’s wedding day

Smiling at faithful love, with beloved words to say


My youngest daughter and her wonderful husband were married on February 2, 2018.  Yes, they were married just below the summit of Lone Mountain in southwestern Montana.  I honor their union with this poem.  The picture was taken by a member of the wedding party, and it captures the newlyweds completing their first ski run as husband and wife.