Just Because

This post is filled with more personal memories of my native state of Montana.  Enjoy the photographs and poetic verses.  

The Madison River later joins the Gallatin and Jefferson rivers in forming the headwaters of the mighty Missouri River.

Breathtaking land of mountains

Framing endless prairies

Photographer’s dream


Never to be forgotten

Visiting roadway stops

Old West


Missouri River’s dramatic headwaters

Madison, Gallatin, Jefferson

River trio


Richest Hill on Earth

Echoing from Butte

Copper Kings


Time eternal stands still

Scenic Big Blackfoot

Fly fishing


Flowing waves of grain

Ready for harvest

Golden Triangle


Bear Paw, Tobacco Root

Land’s shining mountains

Explorer’s gems


Gold and silver’s motto

Oro y Plata

Treasure State


Two Dot, Wolf Creek

Hidden on maps

Smallest towns


Forgotten back country byway

Terry to Brockway

Badlands wilderness


Snow covering mountain peaks

June’s special gift

Spectacular surprise


Feeling absolutely, totally free

Timeless Big Sky

Open invitation


Visiting “Last Best Place”

Montana each summer

Just because


Early June photo of the snow-capped Crazy Mountains just outside of the community of Big Timber.

Coming Home

This poem is dedicated to the many lives which have come and gone along the tracks of the Great Northern Railroad from years ago.  Perhaps you can feel the living spirit still riding the Empire Builder passenger train across the Hi-Line of Montana.

Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Pexels.com

Feeling a bit like heaven

Blessed Big Sky, almost home

Paradise spelled as two words

Riding free, spirit’s train roams


Witnessing God’s creative touch

Mountains shaped by nature’s hand

Valleys carved out by rivers

Dreaming of this treasured land


Stirring up past memories

Iron horse roaring at top speed

Long ago, been here before

Coming home, spirits now freed


Flashing by Hi-Line’s vast farms

Cropland caresses these tracks

Golden fields of wheat ripen

Waiting for harvest’s comeback


Fading daylight turns to night

Darkness covers Montana’s peace

Town lights twinkle here and there

Thinking back to life’s past lease


Climbing through Marias Pass

Glacier Park saying good-bye

Big Sky’s wonder never fades

Ageless spirit, dropping by


Photo by Krivec Ales on Pexels.com

Under the Big Sky

Looking westward toward southwestern Montana’s Tobacco Root Mountains, with the Madison River flowing through the valley below.

God’s creation under the Big Sky

Treasured landscape covers this vast land

Immense prairies flow into mountains

Few places on earth looking this grand


Rugged backbone of the continent

Chiseled spine of the Rocky Mountains

Stray mountain ranges dotting the plains

Cascading streams flowing as fountains


Three distinct rivers form its headwaters

Mighty, boundless Missouri River

Eastward, collecting the Yellowstone

Precious mountain rains move downriver


White-tail and mule deer camp in thickets

Pronghorns graze in the midst of grasslands

Mountain valleys gather elk and bears

Ducks and geese pilot into wetlands


Frequently titled the Treasure State

Montana shines under its Big Sky

People flocking to witness its gems

You just might meet a Buckeye nearby


Montana’s Yellowstone River continues its eastward journey, eventually flowing into the Missouri River.

I could probably write something about my native state of Montana every day.  It will always be a very special place to me.  Watch out, you just might run into a Buckeye returning the the Big Sky.

Haiku Series #45 (Montana)

Winter Tranquility

Peace and solitude

Cross-country skiing beckons—

Awesome Montana


Photo by Simon Matzinger on Pexels.com


River’s Birth

Three rivers join up

Mighty Missouri River—

Headwaters . . . God’s gift

aerial photography of body of water

Photo by Devon Schreiner on Pexels.com


Winter Paradise

Lone Mountain summit

Powder blowing all around—

Skiing the Big Sky


action activity adventure cold

Photo by Riccardo Bresciani on Pexels.com

Big Sky Moments


Wedding 2018 February 002.JPG

Waking up on a cold, frigid, winter morn

Looking like one more day with a storm

Pulling the warm covers over my bare head

Let’s fast forward to a new season instead


Always dreaming big at night

Never alone, perfect delight


Fast forward to a hot summer day

Sensational, unblemished blue sky

Feeling an urge to jump up, shout and say

Have you ever seen a more beautiful sky?


Seeing a Big Montana Sky

Morning sun climbs high


Traveling to Montana brings pure pleasures

Experiencing a saddlebag full of treasures

Shining high above, a cloudless view

Bringing a smile to God, always true


Always dreaming big at night

Never alone, perfect delight


Western hospitality, the Big Sky way

Filled with warmest smiles, no haste

Be certain to come back as we always say

Montana’s Big Sky, the Last Best Place!


Seeing a Big Montana Sky

Morning sun climbs high

Montana 2016 035.JPG 

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