Riding the Train

daylight empty farm farmland

Photo by Daniel Frese on Pexels.com

Lying awake in bed on hot, sultry summer nights

Young boy listens to moving trains, far out of sight


Dreaming of riding passenger trains, brings thrills

Reliable North Coast Limited quickly travels at will


Riding the Northern Pacific Railway’s pride and joy

Father takes son on his first-ever train trip—oh boy!


Sitting together in the comfy coach car, so much fun

Experiencing all that connects a father with his son


Shuffling down the aisle, steward offers snack foods

Restaurant in Glendive soon satisfies hungry moods


Making its journey to Montana’s “Gateway City” today

Hustling train passes many small towns along the way


Flashing quickly by—Custer, Hathaway, and Terry

Steady North Coast Limited acts as trusted ferry


Feeling safe with train’s constant rocking motion

Son’s eyes soon close, sleeping to its locomotion


Waking up, train slowing for a scheduled stop

Town of Forsyth, pausing for quick eavesdrop


Picking up steam, locomotive continues on its way to the East

Yellowstone River runs alongside, train powers up like a beast


Finishing this exciting journey and reaching their destination

Glendive will serve as today’s ending Montana train station


Accompanying his father as he takes care of his affairs

Enjoying dinner and staying overnight without any cares


Returning back home to Billings the very next morn

Son believing train travel should be his new norm


Sitting in cozy dining car, both treated quite well

Elegantly set table makes pancakes taste swell


Moving up to the observation car, enjoying beautiful views

Autumn’s harvested farm fields, lining up straight and true


Hurtling by more towns—Rosebud and Fallon go past

It’s much too bad this captivating journey cannot last


Remembering again those images and sounds of the train

Memories of the North Coast Limited shall always remain


I actually made this trip with my father back in the late 1960s.  Read more about the Northern Pacific Railway’s amazing passenger service from North Coast Limited.


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