Then Came Light

trees and grass field under cloudy sky during daytime

Photo by Tahir Shaw on

To a formless world shrouded in total darkness

God brought forth light to remove the harshness

To a dark, foreboding room with no shape

A lighted candle illuminates our morning fate

To a barren, lifeless pine or Douglas fir tree

Christmas brings lights and makes us feel free

To a cold, hostile land without any light at night

Early man learns of fire to warm and offer sight

To a student who feels frustrated in a lesson so dark

A teacher brings patience, and a smile offers a spark

To a darkened, isolated highway on a night with no moon

Bright headlights point us safely towards home very soon

To a world seeking guidance and a fresh start

Lady Liberty’s welcoming torch sets her apart 

To a frightened child waking in the middle of the night

Parents bring a beam of light to take away his fright

To a middle-aged adult afflicted with eyesight so poor

A doctor’s skill removes a cataract so her sight has more

To an empty and humbling manger in a crowded stable

A bright star over Bethlehem shows what is now able

To heal the broken and lost life of a desperate man

God moves to offer an unselfish and guiding hand

2 thoughts on “Then Came Light

  1. I love how you show that God’s light is evident in all of creation. I had cataract surgery two years ago. It changed my life. We see the beauty around us both with our eyes and our hearts; the fingerprint of God’s love is everywhere. Your poem reflects the magnitude of our heavenly father’s light; be it a broken heart, or a starry night, His radiant presence pierces the darkness.

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