Morning Walk

cold dark eerie environment

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Waking from my sleep on a dark, chilly day

Preparing for another early morning to play


Pulling on my warm jacket and stocking cap

Heading out the door without need of a map


Making this early morning journey once again

Walking down a street where many have been


Moving hurriedly while struggling with numbing, frigid air

Searching a pocket to discover my gloves are not a pair


Being discovered, a nervous rabbit hops away

Seeing me, he certainly doesn’t desire to play


Crossing the street, a black cat stares back

Slithering away, she doesn’t cross my path


Freezing my face, the frosty air feels bitterly cold

Hurrying along with a pace that is rapid and bold



1 thought on “Morning Walk

  1. Writing poems has always been nearly impossible for me. I just can’t seem to get the right words to match the mood, so I admire your work. Maybe I overthink the whole process. It sounds cheesy, but I hope you don’t mind that I’ve nominated you for a Creative Blogger Award on my blog. Please check it out and thanks! Keep writing those lovely poems! 🙂


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