Just Because

This post is filled with more personal memories of my native state of Montana.  Enjoy the photographs and poetic verses.  

The Madison River later joins the Gallatin and Jefferson rivers in forming the headwaters of the mighty Missouri River.

Breathtaking land of mountains

Framing endless prairies

Photographer’s dream


Never to be forgotten

Visiting roadway stops

Old West


Missouri River’s dramatic headwaters

Madison, Gallatin, Jefferson

River trio


Richest Hill on Earth

Echoing from Butte

Copper Kings


Time eternal stands still

Scenic Big Blackfoot

Fly fishing


Flowing waves of grain

Ready for harvest

Golden Triangle


Bear Paw, Tobacco Root

Land’s shining mountains

Explorer’s gems


Gold and silver’s motto

Oro y Plata

Treasure State


Two Dot, Wolf Creek

Hidden on maps

Smallest towns


Forgotten back country byway

Terry to Brockway

Badlands wilderness


Snow covering mountain peaks

June’s special gift

Spectacular surprise


Feeling absolutely, totally free

Timeless Big Sky

Open invitation


Visiting “Last Best Place”

Montana each summer

Just because


Early June photo of the snow-capped Crazy Mountains just outside of the community of Big Timber.

Community of Ville’s

aerial view architecture autumn cars

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The French language uses the suffix of “ville”

Five unique letters deliver geography a thrill


Several notable references survive in films and more

Amityville brings horror, Pleasantville’s drama scores

Other Ville’s convey fascination, charm, and renown

Writer Dr. Suess creates Whoville as a fictional town

Across America, adding “ville” to a settlement’s name

In the Appalachians, this suffix spawns greater fame


Singer and actor Dean Martin calls Steubenville home

The Ohio River flows next door, free to sing and roam

The unique Y-Bridge spans the confluence of two rivers

Zaneville’s rich history fascinates with much to deliver


Television land creates Hooterville as a fictitious place

Now, all aboard the speedy Cannonball train with haste


Yesteryear’s canals transport goods to Ohio towns

Lockville preserves canal locks, easy to be found

Once known as the “Dry Capital of the World” to all

Westerville forbids alcohol sales with a resolute call


The Great Depression brings suffering on a great scale

Shanty towns called Hooverville’s offer no hope and fail


Its largest pumpkin ever, amazingly weighs nearly a ton

Circleville’s Pumpkin Show offers annual food and fun

Denison University stands proud and resides in Granville

Legendary Woody Hayes begins a career filled with thrills


Many other communities use “ville” at the end of their names

Do the readers have more to add so we can play a quiz game?


Especially in the United States, there are many communities with names that end with “ville”.  Do you know of one to add to Big Sky Buckeye’s list?  You are invited to write a comment.  In closing, I should remember and thank Mrs. Will, my 7th grade geography teacher, for a job well done!