Coretta Scott King Quotes

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Women, if the soul of the nation is be saved, I believe that you must become its soul.

Struggle is a never ending process.  Freedom is never really won, you earn it and win it in every generation.

Coretta Scott King (1927-2006) was the wife of civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr.  In her own path of life, she assisted him in the march forward for civil rights, as well as being an accomplished author.

Billy Graham Quote

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The secret strength of a nation is found in the faith that abides in the hearts and homes of the country.

From Galatians 6:10:  “So then, whenever we have an opportunity, let us work for the good of all and especially for those of the family of faith.”

Richard Halverson Quote

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When we as a nation, strive in vain to preserve the beauty of national life, forgetting our biblical roots, we are doomed.

From Colossians 2:6-7:  “As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, continue to live your lives in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.”

We the People

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“We the People” drafted

Constitution crafted


Forefathers build nation

Democracy’s station


Living in common cause

Unity never pause


Choosing “We” over “Me”

Finding means to agree


America’s ship sails

“We the People” prevails


World War II fought and won

Nation working as “One”


Sacrifices show pride

Freedom’s devoted ride


Imperfect union lives

Unselfish people give


What’s happening today?

Are we losing our way?


Debating common sense

Rhetoric becomes tense


Choosing “Me” over “We”

Lady Liberty flees


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Resilience (Elfchen Series #35)



Nation’s challenges

Continue tackling them

Grit will bring success


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Unity’s seeds

Harvest precious time

Blessed corner of faith


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Country faces

Finding common ground

Working together as one


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This series of poems (written in the German-inspired style of Elfchen or Elevenie) shares a total of eleven words in each poem, with a sequence by line of one, two, three, four, and one words.

Values of a Nation (Elfchen Series #20)

Common Ground


Many examples

Sheltered from fear

Basic human need for


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Working Together


Different meanings

Across a nation

Finding common ground as


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Moving Forward


Competing views

Seeking the light

Finding balance for a


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The German-inspired poetry style of Elfchen (or Elevenie) contains five lines of poetic verse, usually without the use of rhyming verses.  A total of 11 words are used with a sequence of one, two, three, and four words before ending with a single word in the final verse.