Tahar Ben Jelloun Quotes

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Real friendship, like real poetry, is extremely rare–and precious as a pearl.

Poetry is a form of mathematics, a highly rigorous relationship with words.

Tahar Ben Jelloun is a Moroccan-born novelist and poet.  Living in Paris, his published works are written in French.  His writings have been honored with numerous awards, and he was nominated for a Noble Prize in Literature

Monday’s Memories: Gentle Sounds

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Morning rain has marooned me at home

A brisk walk delayed, but never alone


Drinking coffee, another cup please

Addicted to caffeine with such ease


The early morning darkness

Stands ready in its stillness


The window is cracked open, just a bit

Hearing marvelous sounds, makes a hit


Pausing to listen and begin to write

Sounds of pleasure, being so right


Falling droplets of rain earn a trip down

Splashes on the deck, a relaxing sound


Song birds croon from atop tall trees

Sounding splendid, joyous, and free


Wet roads, close by, signal more

Amplifying car tires, ready to roar


An approaching plane flies overhead

Traveling on to Rickenbacker instead


A pair of geese flies through the sky

Their unique greeting says good-bye


My pen scratches delicately away

Listening to ink-filled words today


Simply enjoying an outlook from outside

Bringing life’s gentle sounds to me inside


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Nothing Pursues Something

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Half-empty coffee cup

Hoping to find something

Peering down, never up

Searching darkened nothing


“Seinfeld” gathers awards

Endless shows with nothing

Jerry’s name on billboards

He’s caught on to something


Writing with empty words

Dreams filling with something

Missing all the keywords

Amounting to nothing


Scanning digital files

Words lost, dreading nothing

Writer facing trials

Mining life for something


Photo on dusty perch

Triggers newfound something

Memories begin search

Looking beyond nothing


Nothing pursues something

Something subdues nothing


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The American sitcom “Seinfeld” entertained viewers for nine years with the creative humor of comedian Jerry Seinfeld.  With a setting in New York City, the cast featured regulars Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, and Michael Richards.  The success of the show has often been referenced to a “show about nothing.”

Here is a short clip from the show, featuring Jerry Seinfeld with guest star Brad Garrett.  The scene is titled “You barely know your car.”

Matthew Arnold Quotes

For the creation of a masterwork of literature two powers must concur, the power of the man and the power of the moment, and the man is not enough without the moment.

Poetry is simply the most beautiful, impressive, and widely effective mode of saying things.

A Writer’s Way

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Discovering words with something to say

Penning poems and stories every day


Draining cups of coffee, right on cue

Feeling emptiness, like singing the blues


Holding on to thoughts, waiting to give birth

Sailing onward, words waiting to unearth


Painting with dazzling textures, shapes, and hues

Viewing sketches, filling these eyes with clues


Searching for future poems, like twinkling stars

Linking verses while traveling to Mars


Crafting words, really not science you see

Navigating this writer’s mind, feeling free


Seeking prose, lost deep in this writer’s soul

Uncovering a few, making each day full


Looking for stories, over each rainbow

Finding inspiring words, eager to flow


Drinking more coffee, than one should consume

Creating endless text, now ready to bloom


Grasping this pen, creating one more tune

Drafting a masterpiece, ready by Noon


Writing encounters monumental quests

Hoping these words will always pass all tests


Honoring these writing moments, so sweet

Dreaming of fashioning each splendid treat

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Monday Memories: Poet’s Last Wish

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Sitting alone at my trusty writing table once again

Wondering where the creative images have been


Touching the early morning peace and stillness

Writing with inspiring words, filled with richness


Crafting poetry, a pleasing journey to thrill

Seeking new ideas for a blank sheet to fill


Smiling as my loyal pen walks with haste

Hoping these words provide a rich taste


Dreaming of writing a poem that’s a big hit

Understanding that many will be left adrift


Pausing to think of outstanding poetry awards

Knowing that finishing may be my only reward


Finding more ambition from the morning light

Feeling my mind beginning to take long flight


Adding to a poem line by thoughtful line

Relishing the energy my words will find


Nearing the end of my writing journey, years from now

Looking back at my poetry, and taking a last, final bow


Realizing that long after I have left and been gone

Appreciating others reading my words, like a song

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Writing a Classic

Pardon a bit of sarcasm and humor in this poem.  Sometimes, the early morning air produces something to laugh at and have fun with.  In all seriousness, I enjoy writing very much, and I appreciate you for stopping in.  And remember, it is okay to smile and laugh as you read this poem.

black vintage typewriter

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Sitting at my writing desk this morn

Feeling quiet peace, verses reborn


Actually sitting in the kitchen

Its table welcomes a mind, come in


At least the coffee is always close

Never allowing a mind to doze


Sometimes, words flow as a writer crafts

Other times, words can’t even complete a draft


Robert Frost’s classics, all awaken

Images of “A Road Never Taken”


Wondering now, what words will gather

Searching for a poem, words come faster


Hemingway understates how he writes

“There is nothing to writing” . . . just write


Just writing . . . crafting thoughts into words

Words gather now, like wild zebra herds


These best efforts resemble “pig slop”

Destined for the pig sty, one more flop


Sarcasm aside, writing with pride

Readers, appreciating the ride


Few writers ever craft a classic

As for me, never changing tactics


Well, tomorrow will bring much better

Fortunes change, wearing lucky sweaters

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Writer’s Journey

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Leaving memories from a classroom

Now pursuing and writing a new tune


Exciting, unfamiliar journey begins

Seeing life through a creative lens


Retirement offers a different team

Fulfilling hidden, unexpected dreams


Waking up in the very early morn

Coffee and writing, refreshing norm


Discovering a passion for poetry

Let’s see where words will take me


Finding a unique style to nurture

This pen flows with adventure


Short stories stir up this open mind

Enjoying the fun, these words find


Thankful for readers, such as you

This writer’s journey, quite a view