Sunrise to Sunset

Photo by Pixabay on

Summer sunrise lights up the vast Montana prairie

Fields of grain smelling like sweetest confectionery


Farmers and ranchers always start up their days early

Full and hearty breakfast, making any man feel burly


This morning’s itinerary calls for baling hay

Alfalfa windrows cannot wait around all day


With tractor pulling an old baler, creating perfect bales

Gentle morning breeze fills out the air like a ship’s sails


Midday arrives, there’s time for a quick, tasty bite

Wife packs dinner with her usual special delights


Afternoon heat and wind suspend all baling for now

Starting up the swather, cutting hay as time allows


Thinking about next week, wheat looking to ripen by then

Combine stands ready and dependable, just like Big Ben


About an hour before sundown, pick-up truck returns home

Just enough daylight to check a few cows where they roam


Supper bell will be ringing soon, so need to finish now

Washing up, sitting down with wife, enjoy hearty chow


Praying together, evening transcends with the setting sun

Thankful for the Lord’s help with another day’s work done

Photo by Johannes Plenio on

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