Precious Witnesses (Haiku Series #231)

Fast Forward

Winter to summer

Life’s annual rendezvous—

Fleeting taste of spring

Photo by Jaime Reimer on

Smiling Prayers

Rainy clouds arrive

Farmers waited with patience—

Harvest time’s sunshine

Photo by Pixabay on

Silent Citadel

Majestic white pines

Sharing Creator’s presence—

Faithful guardians

Ohio’s Walnut Woods shares its white pines.

3 thoughts on “Precious Witnesses (Haiku Series #231)

  1. The harvesting photo reminds me of a painting Paul has been recently commissioned of abJohn Deere combine pushing a field of Durham wheat in North Dakota. It’s in the works and should be done soon – 48” x 48”
    I love your words too. They seem to be reflections of the photography and your faith❤️



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