Saturday’s Sweetness

Photo by Bich Tran on

Free and quiet morning

Saturday adorning


Reading God’s Holy Word

Clear thoughts, no longer blurred


Sun rises and brightens

Calmness breathes, enlightens


Workweek taking its break

Making buckwheat pancakes


Listening to new song

Beat of life moves along


One more coffee cup sings

Caffeine never hamstrings


Good vibes fueling this life

Waiting for lovely wife


Looking forward as one

Day brings plenty of fun


Watching Buckeyes’ football

Scarlet and Gray now call


Excuse our loud cheering

Assisting team’s steering


Night closing and ending

Sleep soon, not pretending


Each week’s sweetest, fun day

Always, be Saturday


This photo was taken at the annual Scarlet and Gray Spring Game at Ohio State’s renowned Horseshoe back in 2015. Nearly every seat was filled for what was basically a scrimmage and practice. Go Bucks!

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