Buzz Saw

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Soccer brings out his passion and his finest game

Dedicating hours of practice kindles a bright flame


This teenage midfielder plays with his all

Bringing grit and determination as his call

Displaying intensity and hustle at all times

Upsetting the opponent’s ability to shine


He warrants a special nickname from a loyal fan

Watching how he disrupts the other team’s plans

His play reminds eager fans of a buzz saw in motion

Working at high speed with feet creating commotion


Cutting through the challenger’s attack lines

Relentlessly shadowing the action he finds

Providing a link between the defense and the attack

Passing accurately to his teammates, right on track


Saturating play explodes like lightning and thunder

Resembling a buzz saw, rendering others to wonder

A midfielder never finds any moments to take a rest

Running constantly, his physicality passes the test


Remaining humble about his dynamic play

Supporting his teammates each match day

He understands his intended mission on the field

Flashing buzz saw quickness becomes his shield


A 13-year old grandson plays soccer for a traveling team at a very competitive and demanding level.  This poem is dedicated to his unselfish, courageous, and inspiring play.

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To An Athlete

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There are little eyes upon you

And they’re watching night and day

There are little ears that quickly

Take in every word you say

There are little hands all eager

To do anything you do

And a little boy who’s dreaming

Of the day he’ll be like you


You’re the little fellow’s idol

You’re the wisest of the wise

In his little mind about you

No suspicions ever rise

He believes in you devoutly

Holds that all you say and do

He will say and do in your way

When he’s grown up like you


There’s a wide-eyed little fellow

Who believes you’re always right

And his ears are always open

And he watches day and night

You are setting an example

Every day in all you do

For the little boy who’s waiting

To grow up and be like you

Author Unknown


When I was coaching years ago at a high school in Montana, the football coach gave all of the coaches a framed copy of this poem.  I have carried it with me for all of these years, and it has special meaning to me as one who worked with young athletes for about 30 years.

This poem is easy to find on other Internet sites.  Some of the posts use a different title, but the words remain the same.  The author has remained unknown.  Many young athletes aspire to follow an older athlete . . .

Waiting to grow up and be like you!



Graceful Precision


agility balance beautiful girl dancer

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Music accompanies daring tumbling moves

Elegance and personality match the groove

Connecting a back layout with a back handspring

The floor exercise generates applause that rings

A most challenging event brings a fearless test

Strength, agility, and balance need to be best

Moving from the lower to the upper bar with such ease

The uneven bars finish with a dismount sure to please

A front handspring explodes from the springboard

Elongated body soars high to earn a worthy score

Twisting with a half or a full displays superb skill

The vault produces athleticism to deliver a thrill

Forward and backward walkovers with such poise

A 360 degrees pivot creates a hush with little noise

Connecting all the rhythmic moves with no doubts

The balance beam ends with a precise dismount

A spectacular gymnastics meet delivers the very bold

The crowd watches in amazement, nothing seems old

Competing for a high score and a gold medal, too

Such graceful precision will see this girl through




Season’s Final Match

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An early morning wind blows frigid air on this day

One final match these soccer boys have come to play

A stiff, northwest breeze has brought an Arctic blast

Will the team harness enough stamina and energy to last?

Players dressed warmly in layers, gloves, and stocking hats

In their final match, they look ready to conquer this and that

Looking more like Eskimos, parents and families huddle near

Hoping to see that the boys score goals without any fear

The spectators cheer the boys to play hard and be bold

But they agonize and confirm—“Oh my, it’s way too cold!”

Covered under layers of blankets, the crowd surveys the field

The opposing team advances the ball, but the boys form a shield

No goals will be scored against them on this morn

The boys’ defense will hustle and continue to swarm

Halftime arrives with the team playing tough

Will the season end well in weather so rough?

The second half continues under adverse conditions

The team finishes with a season filled with tradition

While the rest of the players hustle to stay warm

The talented goalie stands all alone as ice forms

A woman’s hot coffee has turned into cold slush

All she can do is clasp tightly to a blanket so plush

As the match marches along with winter as its final foe

Frozen spectators ask, “How many minutes are left to go?”

Icy faces, shivering bodies, and numb fingers

Plus ice blocks for feet—all continue to linger

The boys ignore the frigid cold and continue to play

Their five goals will make the last and final say

Players and families hurry to their warm cars

All wondering how they all survived this far

For two grandparents who were amazingly fearless and bold

Tomorrow morning, will be glad there is no soccer in the cold

This season-ending soccer match was recently played by one of my grandsons.  He and his teammates completed a remarkable season with an unblemished record.








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Perseverance is her nickname

Tenacity ignites her flame

A young gymnast spends hours sharpening her skills

Improving a challenging routine stirs up a giant thrill

Her practices have been going well thus far

Showing tireless energy to conquer the bars

Recent meets have brought a challenge her way

Missing the giant on the uneven bars both days

Perseverance is her nickname

Tenacity ignites her flame

This Level 7 gymnast travels to her next meet

Hoping the Warrior Challenge will bring a feat

She will compete today in three events plus the bars

Believing in her athletic destiny as she arrives by car

The judges will be looking for routines to score the best

Expecting to assess poise and skills that pass the test

Perseverance is her nickname

Tenacity ignites her flame

This determined gymnast competes with renewed poise

Warming up, she seems oblivious to the crowd’s noise

Her bars warm-up finishes exceedingly well

Feeling her inner confidence grow and swell

It’s her turn to show the best she can be

Nailing the giant at last for judges to see

Perseverance is her nickname

Tenacity ignites her flame


I have several grandchildren, whom all make me very proud.  This poem honors my 11-year old granddaughter who is a very accomplished gymnast.  She has moved up to Level 7 and enjoys competing at this higher level.