Monday Memories: Perseverance

This poem was written when one of my granddaughters was 11 years old.  She had recently moved up to Level 7, and she was facing challenges with her uneven bars routine.  At this meet, she finally completed her “giant” for the first time in competition.

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Perseverance is her nickname

Tenacity ignites her flame


A young gymnast spends hours sharpening her skills

Improving a challenging routine stirs up a giant thrill


Her practices have been going well thus far

Showing tireless energy to conquer the bars


Recent meets have brought a challenge her way

Missing the giant on the uneven bars both days


This Level 7 gymnast travels to her next meet

Hoping the Warrior Challenge will bring a feat


She will compete today in three events plus the bars

Believing in her athletic destiny as she arrives by car


The judges will be looking for routines to score the best

Expecting to assess poise and skills that pass the test


This determined gymnast competes with renewed poise

Warming up, she seems oblivious to the crowd’s noise


Her bars warm-up finishes exceedingly well

Feeling her inner confidence grow and swell


It’s her turn to show the best she can be

Nailing the giant at last for judges to see


Perseverance is her nickname

Tenacity ignites her flame

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7 thoughts on “Monday Memories: Perseverance

  1. Oh I love this! I can vividly see her succeeding. And I also “feel” she would persevere no matter what! Tenacity does that. Aww, the mindset and grit of young athletes! 💚


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