Season’s Final Match

child cold cute girl

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An early morning wind blows glacial-like air on this day

One final match these soccer boys have come to play


An adamant, northwest onslaught delivers an icy, Arctic blast

Will the team harness enough stamina and energy to last?


Players dressed warmly in layers, gloves, and stocking hats

In their final match, they look ready to conquer this and that


Looking more like Eskimos, parents and families huddle near

Hoping to see the resilient boys score goals without any fear


The spectators cheer the boys to play hard and to be bold

But they agonize and confirm—“Oh my, it’s way too cold!”


Sheltered beneath layers of blankets, the crowd surveys the field

The opposing team advances the ball, but the boys form a shield


No goals will be scored against them on this day

The boys’ defense hustles and continues to play


Halftime arrives with the team playing tough

Will the season end well in weather so rough?


The second half continues under adverse conditions

The team finishes with a season filled with tradition


While the rest of the players hustle to stay warm

The talented goalie stands all alone as ice forms


A woman’s hot coffee has transformed into cold slush

She clasps tightly to a heavy blanket, deep and plush


The match marches to its finish with winter as its final foe

Frozen spectators ask, “How many minutes are left to go?”


Icy faces, shivering bodies, and numb fingers

Plus ice blocks for feet—all continue to linger


Spirited boys ignore cold and continue to play

Their five goals will deliver last and final say


At match’s end, players and families hurry to their warm cars

All wondering how they survived the cold and made it this far


For two grandparents who were amazingly fearless and bold

Tomorrow morning, will be glad there is no soccer in the cold

This season-ending soccer match was played in November, 2018, by one of my grandsons.  The wind chill temperature was 10 degrees Fahrenheit.  He and his teammates completed a remarkable season with an unblemished record.







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