Walking the Trail


Walking along an unknown, isolated trail

Hoping that this journey goes without fail

Looking skyward for some warm fun

Hiding behind clouds goes the sun

Hurrying along the narrow path against the windy cold

Seeking to not find too much adventure—yet be bold!

Traveling quickly, the brisk pace moves along

Thinking that this morning walk won’t be too long

Turning a corner, coming to a different place

Seeing a fork coming up and slowing the pace

Searching down each side of the distant trail

Feeling confidence slipping, beginning to feel pale

Deciding to journey down the unfamiliar path on the right

Adjusting the trip’s rhythm and viewing a different site

Moving along another route is part of life

Aligning thoughts so that there is no strife

Finishing this satisfying walk without worrying to fail

Realizing that life’s treks are like being on this trail





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