Monday Memories: Graceful Precision

This poem was written in November, 2018, to honor one of my granddaughters for her dedication to her sport of gymnastics.  Her passion and skills definitely show how far she has progressed over the years.  

woman doing yoga

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Music accompanies daring tumbling moves

Elegance and personality match the groove


Connecting a back layout with a back handspring

The floor exercise generates applause that rings


A most challenging event brings a fearless test

Strength, agility, and balance need to be best


Moving from the lower to the upper bar with such ease

The uneven bars finish with a dismount sure to please


A front handspring explodes from the springboard

Elongated body soars high to earn a worthy score


Twisting with a half or a full displays superb skill

The vault produces athleticism to deliver a thrill


Forward and backward walkovers with such poise

A 360 degrees pivot creates a hush with little noise


Connecting all the rhythmic moves with no doubts

The balance beam ends with a precise dismount


A spectacular gymnastics meet delivers the very bold

The crowd watches in amazement, nothing seems old


Competing for a high score and a gold medal, too

Such graceful precision will see this girl through




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