Buzz Saw

action athletes ball blur

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Soccer brings out his passion and his finest game

Dedicating hours of practice kindles a bright flame

This teenage midfielder plays with his all

Bringing grit and determination as his call

Displaying intensity and hustle to define

Upsetting the opponent’s ability to shine

He warrants a special nickname from a loyal fan

Watching how he disrupts the other team’s plans

His play reminds eager fans of a buzz saw in motion

Working at high speed with feet creating commotion

Cutting through the challenger’s attack lines

Relentlessly shadowing the action he finds

Providing a link between the defense and the attack

Passing accurately to his teammates, right on track

Saturating play explodes like lightning and thunder

Resembling a buzz saw, rendering others to wonder

A midfielder never finds any moments to take a rest

Running constantly, his physicality passes the test

Remaining humble about his dynamic play

Supporting his teammates each match day

He understands his intended mission on the field

Flashing buzz saw quickness becomes his shield

A 13-year old grandson plays soccer for a traveling team at a very competitive and demanding level.  This poem is dedicated to his unselfish, courageous, and inspiring play.

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7 thoughts on “Buzz Saw

  1. I am massive fan of soccer, little did I know the game could be turned into something as beautiful as a poem like this. Has to be one of my favorites! – Cezane

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    • Cezane, I always appreciate hearing from you. I have become a soccer fan as well. I enjoyed honoring my grandson with the poem, and I am pleased that a true fan such as yourself understands the meaning so well.

      Liked by 1 person

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