Giant Taken Down

Photo by RODNAE Productions on

Saturday’s biggest game arrives

Will football’s underdog survive?


Top-ranked team looking much too strong

Winless team plays losing theme song


Jack-rabbit offense can’t wait long

Slow-moving turtle plods along


 Favored team feeling discomfort

Score remains too close for comfort


Game’s undecided final score

Which team will nail victory’s door?


Gridiron classic’s final big play

Winning touchdown fulfills doomsday


Upset scoring with eager hands

Sending shockwaves across this land


Giant’s beanstalk crashes to earth

New winning streak’s star bursting birth


Hearts back-filling with dark despair

Champion no longer game’s bear


Number “One” ranking bites the dust

Closing winning drive comes up bust


Long live football’s newest kingpin

Ending score etched on game’s pigskin


Photo by Joe Calomeni on

4 thoughts on “Giant Taken Down

  1. Big games today. Since you have “Buckeye” in your moniker, you might be a college football fan. I am a Michigan fan, so, I say this in the spirit of competition – May the best team win and Go Blue! It’s gonna be a good game.

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    • Kev, thanks for sharing your support for the Wolverines. My roots are in Montana (Montana State Bobcats), but my wife has assimilated me into a Buckeyes’ fan. Congratulations to Michigan. Their big plays on offense and key defensive stops on third down turned the tide.


    • Crystal, thanks for thinking of me. While I am Montana State Bobcat through and through, I cheer for the Buckeyes every fall as well. My wife is a very dedicated Ohio State fan. As I tell her often after a disappointing game, the sun will always rise the next morning.

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