Quick Escape

Courtesy of Pinterest.

A supermarket can be one of life’s greatest adventures for a pair of boys, who are about a year or two away from starting elementary school.

Pete and James have been traveling with their parents on a short trip.  

Taking a break to buy a few items, the parents and the boys make a quick stop in a larger, nearby city.  The boys have never seen such a big store, and they are curious about what waits on the massive rows of different products neatly arranged on the endless shelves.

While their father and mother pause to have a conversation, the boys become quite curious with rows and rows of men’s shaving cream cans.  The shelf sits at their level with everything in easy reach.  They look at each other as if to say, “Who wants to push the button on the top of the can?” 

Pete, being the older of the two brothers, quite literally takes matters into his own hands.  He picks up one of the capless cans, and presses his finger down on the button. 

Suddenly, a huge ball of white foam erupts out of the can . . . right toward father’s pants!

With a quick look at the disaster they’ve made, the brothers make a quick escape as they dash around the corner of the aisle, without either of their parents having a clue about what has just happened. 

Just as the boys run around to the next door aisle, father notices something white on his pants, near his front pocket.  The foam just seems to keep growing as he touches it.  He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a handkerchief to wipe up the damp, foamy mess.  He tells his wife, “Where did this shaving cream come from?”

Turning around, mother asks, “Where are the boys?”

Both of the parents scan one end of the aisle, then the other end.  Sure enough, they notice two familiar faces peeking back at them.  Their look says it all, “We’re busted, and now we’re in big trouble.”

Seeing that their quick escape has failed, the brotherly tandem walks slowly back toward their parents.  As Pete approaches with the shaving cream can in one hand, smiles and laughter quickly take over the scene.  Father’s handkerchief has just about cleaned up the white foam off of his pants.

Funny thing!  Father doesn’t even use shaving cream because he’s an electric razor guy.

15 thoughts on “Quick Escape

  1. Too funny, Richard! As a Mom of two boys I can totally relate! On a sorta related issue, I actually used foam shaving cream to have students clean off their desks in the early 90’s (they could practice spelling words before I gave them wet towels, lol). “Please don’t eat it!” could be heard over and over!

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      • Thank you, Richard! Those memories do indeed stay. Yesterday was disappointing for my parents. They arrived for Dad’s MRI and they gave him his sedative pill (he does not like the machines) only to find out the Dr’s office made a huge error. That facility could not perform it due to Dad’s pacemaker. We were all waiting patiently and my poor Mom was so upset. After several hours of processing the disappointment, they are better. Today the Doctor himself will call them at noon to proceed with the next step (performing it at the hospital). Dad has overcame so much. He just wanted to know after waiting so long if the cancer had returned in another place. Now we wait. We know who is in control ~cancer again (the 3rd) or not, our God reigns! But Dad needs prayers for his anxiety over this and patience. I understand it. And I’m proud of him.

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