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Born in the Big Sky Country of Montana and now living in the Buckeye State of Ohio, Richard is the creative mind behind Big Sky Buckeye. Retired after 40 years of teaching, I enjoy writing, photography, traveling, and following a healthy lifestyle.

Silent in Darkness

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Sitting in darkness

Feeling so lonesome

Dealing with sadness

Silence still fearsome


Waking at night

Harsh dreams exist

Silent images in sight

Dark visions persist


Feeling infinitely restless

Nearly every day

This mind will confess

Nothing but gray


What voices speak

To a lonely heart

No one to greet

Needing a restart


This world filled

With eerie muteness

No longer a thrill

Never a kindness


Who hears at all?

Silence sadly grows

Landing with a fall

No embers glow


Forget this life

So long ago

No more strife

Waiting to go


Too much “stuff”

To deal with

Darkness is enough

This life drifts


Special love lost

Many years ago

A ring is tossed

Away it goes


Empty, shattered heart

Now freezing cold

Alone in the dark

No longer bold


My Lord, my God

Bring light to bear

Be an awesome God

Help one to care


In total blackness

Of a lost night

Words of brightness

Feeling so right


God’s truthful voice

Speaks loud and clear

Brings a perfect choice

No longer in fear


Cutting the quietness

Like a warm knife

God brings sunniness

Saves another life


Falling to knees

Now in prayer

Sad emotions flee

This soul cares


Kneeling at the Cross

Laying down sins

Repentance, now costs

Accept Christ within


Beholding Christ’s Salvation

Help to break out

Heart fills with elation

Lighting a shout

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Charles Stanley Quote

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A disciple is a follower of Christ.  That means you take on His priorities as your own.  His agenda becomes your agenda.  His mission becomes your mission.

From John 12:25-26:  “Those who love their life lose it, and those who hate their life in this world will keep it for eternal life.  Whoever serves Me must follow Me, and where I am, there will My servant be also.  Whoever serves Me, the Father will honor.”

Haiku Series #17 (Life and Nature)

Nature Calls

The Ridge beckons me

Bringing forward praise to God—

His Cathedral waits



Let’s Walk

Morning walk awaits

My favorite lady goes—

Sadie on a leash

black dog close up photography

Photo by Ana-Maria Roseanu on Pexels.com


Backyard Pal

On the backyard deck

Feverishly eating more—

Tiny chipmunk sits

brown squirrel

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Vance Havner Quote

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No journey is complete that does not lead through some dark valleys.  We can properly comfort others only with the comfort we ourselves have been given by God.

From Psalm 94:19:  “When doubts filled my mind, Your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.”

Monday Memories: Morning Coffee

Hello readers, here is a new weekly feature on Big Sky Buckeye.  I will repost a previously published poem every  Monday.  Today’s post was one of the first poem’s written by yours truly.  Enjoy a newly edited version about “Morning Coffee.” 

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Smelling the rich aroma on another early morn

Anticipating the initial taste, like being reborn


Certainly one cup will not be enough today

A second cup causes worries to fade away


As Dolly Parton sings, “Pour myself a cup of ambition”

Coffee will definitely be my regular morning addiction


Waking up on a chilly, frosty, dark day

Jumping out of bed to be on one’s way


Hurrying down to the kitchen, what is this?

No coffee?  An empty morning without bliss!



Jonathan Edwards Quote

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Nothing sets a person so much out of the devil’s reach as humility.

From Philippians 2:3:  “Do nothing out of rivalry or conceit, but in humility consider others as more important than yourselves.”

Experiencing Contentment

Living in Christ brings believers true and faithful contentment.  Apostle Paul writes much about experiencing content with our faith and remaining true to God’s calling.  His writings inspire this poem.

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Encourage others as God encourages each of us

Be patient with others, may we always bring trust


Give thanks for all of God’s blessings

Be a prayer warrior at every setting


Allow Christ to shine through in all we do

Be filled with the Spirit, faithful and true


Hold dear to our hearts, all that is good

Be thankful to God, as we always should


Fiery ordeals and daily trials will always challenge all

Be an eyewitness to Christ’s sufferings, never to fall


God is sovereign and forever in control of it all

Be aware, all things work together, forever tall


When God’s glory is finally revealed on that day

Be shouting with amazing grace, sing as we may


We bring nothing into this world we live

Be content with little, the rest God gives


The love of money brings evil times

Be taking nothing, not even a dime


Bring together godliness with contentment

Be willing to follow every Commandment


Despite our weaknesses, Christ dwells within thee

Be content with calamities and hardships we see


God’s Grace is sufficient for everyone

Be thankful for the sacrifice of His Son


Christ resides in our hearts, He yearns to save

Be strengthened with blood and body He gave


Always rely on God’s strength and mighty clout

Be content, following His Word, never in doubt


Love of Christ surpasses all that we ever see

Be grateful and shower blessings, take a knee

How does God’s Word bring you contentment?  Does a special verse of Scripture sing out to you?