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Hello, I am Richard. I am a retired educator living in the Buckeye State of Ohio, but I am a native of Montana, the Big Sky Country. I enjoy writing, photography, traveling, and following a healthy lifestyle.

Everlasting Road

landscape photo of pathway between green leaf trees

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

I am a solitary man traveling on an empty road

My life’s journey has been both hot and cold

I yearn to walk a few more miles by the end of this day

My battered and worn shoes have so very much to say

I survive by myself after all of these long years

My past is filled with disappointments and tears

I have met few along this road who even say “hello”

My disheveled appearance keeps eyes looking low

I look ahead to what this day will offer to me

My weakened eyes make it challenging to see

I would welcome a hot meal and a warm bath

My bag of jerky will need to nourish and last

I feel my energy running low on fuel just the same

My mind tries to stay alert as if playing a new game

I wish to stop by this large sycamore tree

My eyes can rest under its shade for free

I will rest and relax in peace along this quiet road

My journey will soon be finished, yet I remain bold

I will continue my peaceful trek down a lonesome route

My days are numbered, but I remain strong and stout

I am ready to meet my Lord on His faithful terms

His everlasting spirit brings much for me to yearn



Welcome to the Gallery

2018 August Montana Trip 007.JPG

The beauty of western Montana is captured at Holter Lake, near the small town of Wolf Creek.  The lake is a popular summer recreation destination as seen in this photo from late July of 2018.


2019 February 3 Snow and Geese 002.JPG

These Canadian geese seem immune to the polar vortex and snowfall in central Ohio.

Wedding 2018 February 018.JPG

A February snowstorm moves over the summit of Lone Mountain in southwestern Montana.  The Big Sky Resort occupies the mountain, which is well known for its first-class skiing in the wintertime.  

2019 january 13 winter ohio 005

Ohio’s winter blankets the ground with a fresh coating of snow.  The Canadian geese on the pond don’t seem to mind winter’s arrival.

Montana Waterfall

Pioneer Falls in the Spanish Peaks of Montana’s Madison Range is expertly captured by my daughter and her husband on one of their wilderness hikes.

november 30, 2014 003

An early autumn sunset dazzles and amazes as night arrives in central Ohio.

Chestnut Ridge 2017 June 30 005

Central Ohio’s Chestnut Ridge Metro Park in full summer foliage.


My youngest daughter and her husband are avid skiers.   They took this picture of Blaze Mountain in the Spanish Peaks of the Madison Range of southwestern Montana.  They have skied the backcountry ski line a few times during the summer.  The beautiful and long snowfield fills a small gully that runs down the northwestern face of the mountain.  Skiers have to hike to the snowfield, but for an avid skier, it is well worth the effort.

2018 August Montana Trip 135

A view of downtown Billings, Montana from this past summer.  Notice the smoked-filled sky in the background; the smoke came from fires far from Billings.


From Walnut Woods Metro Park, the landscape has changed from the bright colors of autumn to the gray and barrenness of the coming winter.

Montana 2013 012.JPG

Summer’s clouds create shadows that cover part of the vast countryside near the Little Bighorn Battlefield in southeastern Montana.


A nesting pair of Canadian geese prepare to make a new home this past spring.

Chestnut Ridge 2017 Nov 25 005.JPG

Autumn’s leaves have fallen, and winter is on the way at central Ohio’s Chestnut Ridge Metro Park.

Wedding 2018 February 011

Soon the mountains of the Big Sky Country will be filled with snow just as seen in this scene from last winter near Lone Mountain at Big Sky, Montana.

Sunrise at Walnut Woods

An autumn sunrise illuminates the beauty of Ohio’s Walnut Woods Metro Park.

Chestnut Ridge 2017 June 30 006

Ohio’s Chestnut Ridge Metro Park during mid-summer.

2018 August Montana Trip 027

A late July view of the Gallatin Valley, just outside of Bozeman, Montana. 

Buckeye Football.jpg

The images and traditions prior to the start of an Ohio State University football game.  This photo was taken by my daughter who attended the game with her husband.  

Walk of Faith

angelic architecture art baptism

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

From the Bible:  For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or free, and we were all made to drink of one Spirit.  (1 Corinthians 12:13)

Public baptism by immersion occurs on this date

A young girl reveals her amazing walk of faith

The Bible speaks of baptism at every turn

From this girl, we all have much to learn

Believe, be baptized, and continue to be brave

For Christ arose and escaped from His grave

All are baptized into one body so pure

Made to drink one spirit totally for sure

Christ’s baptism launches a ministry rich for all

In God’s presence, His words forever stand tall

A scorned persecutor of the faithful Christian way

Saul baptized as Apostle Paul with richness to say

Believers are baptized under God’s authority of thee

Through the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit which see

Baptism generates a life’s faith walk filled with rich newness

This youthful girl accepts Jesus as Savior with such openness

She feels the transforming spirit of God’s holy water

She accepts God’s purpose for a life that never falters

This young girl’s act of faith inspires so many of us

Opening our eyes to God’s presence to forever trust

I recently witnessed the baptism of a young girl who was ready to make her walk of faith public in front of the congregation.  It was a very inspiring and emotionally-rich moment.


A Perfect Seat

clown creepy grinning facepaint

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The circus used to be filled with excitement to astound

Today very few are left because spectators don’t abound

A generation ago numerous children experienced it all

Now the mighty Big Top has vanished with a huge fall


Sitting in the crowd with a perfect seat

Thrilled to adore another tasty treat


The ringmaster keeps the thrilling show moving along

Audiences soon realize that each act lasts only so long

The three rings keep the excitement building and bubbling

Here come the zany clowns who keep the humor rumbling

Dazzling jugglers and daring acrobats delight

Children dream of being in the circus spotlight


Sitting in the crowd with a perfect seat

Eagerly watching performances so sweet


Lions, tigers, and bears—Oh, what a sight to find

Such bravery shown by animal tamers each time

Always pleasing are gigantic elephants from afar

Their majestic presence makes them the stars

Flying high above the crowd is the night’s final act

Trapeze artists display suspense that never lacks


Sitting in the crowd with a perfect seat

Looking forward to each astonishing feat


A few circus companies still travel the globe

The “Greatest Show on Earth” needed to fold

Audiences once filled the Big Top with laughter and awe

Now fading and disappearing memories stumble and fall

A new generation of children may never wonder

How a circus brought applause as loud as thunder


Sitting in the crowd with a perfect seat

Recalling circus images that will repeat


The “Greatest Show on Earth” shut down its operations in 2017 due to declining attendance and revenue shortfalls.  The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus was, without a doubt, the greatest circus show of them all.  As a footnote, John Ringling, one of the circus-owning brothers, arrived in a small town in central Montana in the early 1900s.   He planned to invest in cattle ranching and a local railroad.  The tiny, quiet hamlet of Ringling is still on the map today along U.S. Highway 89, but you would never know that it can trace some of its history back to the “Greatest Show on Earth.”


Nourishing Love

blade blur bright close up

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A beautiful garden planted in the spring with great love

Flowers and vegetables blessed with peace from above

Every detail carefully planned and tenderly done

All this fertile soil needs now is water and sun

The first few weeks bring excitement and growth

Green buds and a bit of color are amazing both

One week goes by without any tender loving care

The young, immature plants now seem a bit scared


I am thirsty for a drink, can’t you see!

Why have you forgotten all about me?


Another week passes along without feeling a human hand

The fragile plants begin a slow march back to the land


I am thirsty for a drink, can’t you see!

Why have you forgotten all about me?


A third week arrives with unhappiness and despair

The once promising garden can’t surely be repaired


I am thirsty for a drink, can’t you see!

Why have you forgotten all about me?


From high above comes His promise to bring rain

Soon a gentle, nourishing mist reduces the pain

Humans need to be fed from above by Him

We must ask Him gently like singing a hymn

Without loving care, the garden and people will perish

The Lord adores all of His creation with love to cherish


Let us never, ever wonder and say . . .


I am thirsty for a drink, can’t you see!

Why have you forgotten all about me?


To have little faith isn’t part of our day!

Wintertime Blues

woman with blue eyes wrapped in a pink cloth

Photo by Jenna Hamra on Pexels.com

Winter arrives on schedule every year

Bringing too much snow and cold I fear

An ice storm starts off the winter season

Staying off of the roads for good reason

Later snowfall begins to pile up outside my door

Growing deeper and deeper, please no more!

Now a polar vortex is hammering my home

Blowing Arctic air all the way to my bones

For some, they say winter is truly a paradise

Thinking to myself, winter surely ain’t nice

I bundle up in many snug and warm layers

Trying to move outside without any cares

The snow has buried the sidewalk and my car

Shoveling cannot be healthy when it’s this far

I retreat back inside to be near a toasty fire

Deciding to remain in bed until winter retires

Like a bear, I stay warm while we both hibernate

Waiting for spring’s early arrival will be our fate