Lonely Heart

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Alone and isolated

Empty calendar pages

Absent family and friends

Life walking in Dark Ages


Hour’s darkest shadows lengthen

Day’s hope missteps and stumbles

Sudden tears, any moment

Faith now tumbles, then crumbles


Day awakens, same old drill

Memories fade, bit by bit

Miles from nowhere, so alone

Silence fills heart, not close-knit


Few good days dwarfed by bad ones

Sunny smiles becoming few

Lonely heart needs titan’s lift

Shining light makes its breakthrough 

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Make it a point today to reach out to someone who could use a warm hug, a trusting smile, or a kind word.  Lonely hearts fill many people with emptiness; share your light.

Power of Words

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Words used every day

Little or much to say


Used in positive ways

Conveying life’s essays


Mindful, powerful voices

Daily, humble choices


Impacting other lives

Celebrate with high fives


Disciplined purpose speaks

Positivity seeks


Sharing tender kindness

Truthful, without blindness


Careful to help and heal

Offering a square deal


Words paying it forward

True and straightforward


Thoughtful expressions said

Weaving with tender thread


Replace evil with good

Words plain and understood


Honest lyrics in song

Carried through all day long


Life unfolds from our text

Watchful where words go next


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This poem was written several days before January 6, 2021.  Its intention was to praise and encourage the positive power of words.  The events taking place in Washington, DC on January 6 showed the negative power of words.  How will our future words speak?

Monday Memories: Filling the Freezer

Written in October, 2019, this story is based upon a true incident experienced by a close friend of mine.  He actually did make a bow hunting trip into the mountains of southwestern Montana in search of an elk to fill up his freezer.

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

“The freezer will be full of meat this winter,” Pete tells his skeptical wife as he heads to the mountains for his annual elk hunting trip.

Montana’s Big Hole Valley offers some of the best elk habitat in America.  Pete has been preparing for his fall elk hunting trip over the summer, and he plans to bag a large bull elk this fall to fill up the home’s deep freeze with delicious and tasty elk meat.

In scouting the mountains, Pete knows exactly where the elk will be when he returns for bow hunting season.  Armed with his very effective and precise compound bow, he knows success is just one accurate shot away.

Hiking into the mountains, Pete stakes out a familiar area and waits quietly in the tall grass and brush.  The anticipation builds as his body stays on high alert.  The nervous tension only adds to the anxiousness of the hunt.

Suddenly, an enormous bull elk wanders through the trail, just as Pete expects.  His position provides a nearly perfect angle and distance.  He takes careful aim with his bow, pulling it back with careful precision.

Plummeting to the ground with a groaning thud goes Pete!

The arrow flies harmlessly into the trees.  Pete’s shoulder has popped out, and the throbbing sting is excruciating.  He rolls around on the ground in acute pain.

Deliberately and triumphantly walking past the stricken bow hunter, the elk looks down at him with a slightly confident look as if to say, “I guess your freezer will be empty again this winter.”

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Keep Breathing

With the start of a new year with fresh beginnings, an opportunity arrives to discover the light pointing us in a new direction.  May we appreciate the smallest blessings each and every day as our lives restart.  One of my goals for the year is to write a note each day . . . there is something to be thankful for.

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Year’s flame extinguished

Darkness fills this void

Life’s sad shortcomings

Past times to avoid


Life’s heavy anchor

Blackest thoughts surround

Pulling soul beneath

Surging waves abound


Eternal goodness

Light pointing ashore

There’s always something

To be thankful for


Life says, “Keep breathing”

Understand always

Smallest of blessings

Cuts through foggy haze


Share blessed moments

Smiles fill empty heart

Cup remains half full

Color life’s restart 


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Morning Dreams

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Darkness hides

Morning’s reception

Silence riddles chilly air


Mellow breeze

Wind chimes serenade

Peace soothing this resting soul


Candle glows

Dancing shadows play

Frolicking, flickering flame


Hot coffee

Early, steady mate

Comforting, every drop


Good ol’ friend

Morning hums with fun

Feeling the caffeine-fueled boost


Dawn’s twilight

Distant horizon

Breaking through hardheaded clouds


Music plays

Tunes stir memories

Jukebox sings with sunrise joy


Life’s pages

Another chapter

Feeling all cozy and warm


Dreams invite

Delightful journey

Buzzing, unmistaken joy


Snooze button

Calling, “Please hit me”

Let’s start all over . . . again!


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Needing to Laugh (Haiku Series #115)

New Strategy

Risky stock market

Transferring investments now—

High stakes poker game

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Bored with daily life

Home shopping network’s passion—

Needing more gadgets

Photo by Ola Dapo on Pexels.com


Midnight’s scary dream

Water skiing on big lake

Chased by hungry shark

Photo by Lachlan Ross on Pexels.com