Autumn’s Arrival (Haiku Series #156)

Bless You!

Allergy time peaks

Summer moves into autumn—

Ragweed in full bloom

Golden, flowering ragweed sprouting everywhere.

Splendid Transition

Summertime fading

Crisp, cool mornings signal change—

Autumn’s billboard colors

Autumn colors Ohio’s Chestnut Ridge Metro Park.

Poetic Time

Autumn comes knocking

Where have all the song birds gone?

Morning’s quiet peace

Quiet morning along the trail at Chestnut Ridge.

Wild Violet

bloom blooming blossom blur

Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. on

She returns annually to announce the arrival of spring

Heart-shaped flowers will bring vivid beauty that sings

She loves the cool and damp spring air

Shaded from the sunlight brings no cares

She possesses a cute and dainty look

Green fields invite a walk along a brook

She adores the color purple, dark is best

Sadly, others see her beauty as a pest

She loves to pause in gardens for relaxation

Butterflies seek her as a beautiful attraction

She experienced vigorous growth in her younger days

Ancient Greeks consider her a symbol of love that stays

She meanders now as a traveler seeking only fun

Looking out at a calm creek called Wild Violet Run

There really is a small stream called Wild Violet Run near Pickerington, Ohio in Violet Township, which is located in northwestern Fairfield County.