Dreaming of Conquest

Photo by Kampus Production on Pexels.com

Dreaming of conquest

Favorite game show

Awesome contestant

Answer’s fandango


Sleeping wide awake

No longer dreaming

Clock striking midnight

Netflix still streaming


Sailing oceans blue

First mate now sleeping

Craft found, back on course

Prize’s safekeeping


Shifting direction

Away from sailing

Compass pointing west

Dreamtime’s unveiling


Sweeping “Price is Right”

Morning now shifting

New day with new wheels

Sports car downshifting


Photo by Mike B on Pexels.com

Final Showdown

Photo by Kristu00f3f Sass-Kovan on Pexels.com

After a couple of hours of card playing, the final stakes come down to this rivalry between two players.  Their card-playing skills have outlasted the rest of the field.

The final hand is ready to go with cards now being shuffled and dealt.  The room’s atmosphere deals out its own stillness, filled with the sharpened concentration of these two savvy card sharks.

The old man’s mind strains to stay focused, and his eyes fill with intensity.  The master has traveled down this path many times in the past.  His experience is sure to overcome his younger opponent.

The young, upstart challenges for the master’s crown.  His fearless, confident approach attempts to break through.  Will his skills and luck be enough?

Looking over their cards again and again, both competitors try to gain one last advantage before this final, dramatic hand plays out.

The room’s activity grows quiet.  The small gallery of onlookers silently waits for the night’s final outcome.

The young man understands that the next play will determine the winner.  Victory is within his reach.

Grandpa boldly asks, “Got any four’s?”

His determined grandson replies back with a smile, “Go fish!”