Game’s Timeless Rhythm

“Original” Yankee Stadium was home of the New York Yankees from 1923 to 2008. (courtesy of Pinterest)

Spring training arrives

Baseball swings away

Dreams forever fill

Grown men now at play


Life’s daily fabric

Clothed around baseball

Game’s timeless rhythm

Umpire shouts, “Play ball!”


Bambino’s shadow

“House That Ruth Built” shrine

Yankee Stadium

Writes daily headlines


Pennant race forecast

Veterans lead off

Each rookie follows

Game always shows off


Who’s in center field?

New Yorkers look out

Mick, Duke, or Willie

None better, no doubt


National pastime

Newspapers proclaim

Box scores filled with stats

Deep love for this game


Nation’s beating pulse

Another home run

Mantle, Maris chase

Ain’t this really fun?


Each autumn’s classic

Baseball measures up

World Series broadcast

Greatness bats cleanup


Memories still stand

Precious trading cards

Hall of Fame’s legends

Baseball’s honor guard


World Series action from 1955 as the Yankees face the Brooklyn Dodgers. Jackie Robinson is stealing home with catcher Yogi Berra stepping up to tag him out. Was Robinson safe? Of course! The Bums from Brooklyn finally defeated the Bronx Bombers in seven games for their first World Series championship. (courtesy of Pinterest)

A few of the stanzas deserve some additional notes.  The “Bambino” refers to baseball legend George Herman (Babe) Ruth.  The center fielders are Mickey Mantle (Yankees), Duke Snider (Dodgers), and Willie Mays (Giants).  All played at the same time during the 1950s.  Mantle and Maris refer to Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris, who played for the Yankees.  In 1961, their personal home run derby propelled Maris to hit a then-record 61 home runs for a season, with Mantle close behind with 54.

9 thoughts on “Game’s Timeless Rhythm

  1. As an absolute baseball addict, my husband will love this poem! I’m saving it to read to him when he awakens. Amazingly enough, I knew all the players you referenced except for Duke Snider. That’s what 50 years with a real baseball aficionado gets you!

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    • Sophia, your enthusiasm for baseball is contagious. I hope that you are able to share it with others. I grew up in a baseball community. I played throughout my youth and followed the game for years. One of our hometown heroes was Dave McNally, who went on to be a successful pitcher for Orioles.


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