A Hole in the Middle

Enjoy something sweet on Big Sky Buckeye and hopefully share a laugh with me!  Due to his crusade against sugar (and successfully keeping his blood sugar under control), he cannot even remember the last time that such a treat touched his lips.  


Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

Simple, yet decadent pleasures they are

Being quite easy to locate from your car

Driving down the road each day

Now you wonder what it is, I say

The coffee’s on and ready to go

Include a doughnut for the road

Missing doughnuts for so many weeks

Passing them up is never for the meek

Call them “donuts”, many Americans say

For me, I prefer “doughnuts” to this day

My doctor instructs me, “No sugar for you!”

Now my doughnut days are sadly through 

However, doughnut temptation sings a song

If I reach for one, there is a deafening gong!

Sorry mister, there will never be doughnuts for you

So I continue down the road, singin’ the sad blues

Who made the doughnut hole in the middle?

Now that has always been quite the riddle

Waking up in the middle of a lonesome night

Dreaming of doughnuts makes a sugary sight

While some folks are addicted to Krispy Kreme

My doughnut tastes envision a different theme

Boston Cream, Long John, and Jelly

All sound delicious to my hungry belly

Old-fashioned, Sour Cream, and Glazed

Why can’t I enjoy a simple one today?

Now in my car and hungrily driving at midnight

The Jolly Pirate Donut shop stays open all night

I pull into the empty parking lot with sad surprise

The sign reads, “Closed tonight”—alas no prize!

This poem could continue on and on and on for sure

Does anyone have a doughnut to share with this sir?


Here’s a final footnote:

In the classic film of “It Happened One Night”

Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert are a fright

Gable, the newspaper man, enlightens

Colbert, the heiress, never frightens

As they travel the back roads and stop

For a cup of hot coffee at a tiny shop

. . . with doughnuts for dunkin’


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Experience a Sweet Treat

Do you enjoy a small, sweet taste of chocolate from time to time? 

Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes a few years ago, my dietary habits have changed significantly.  With additional help from taking meds and putting in lots of  exercise, my current health condition has improved dramatically.  I am no longer considered pre-diabetic (Hooray!).

While Big Sky Buckeye maintains a healthy lifestyle, sometimes even a writer needs to enjoy something sweet (in a good way) with chocolate.  Truthfully, I am more addicted to coffee than sweets.

Here’s a recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Carb Bombs.  My version of these “carb bombs” is unique to my tastes.   I have modified the original ingredients to the ones shown below, but you can search the Internet for other versions of this simple recipe.

  • Quick to prepare
  • Easy to make
  • Low-carbohydrate
  • Low-sugar

Chocolate Peanut Butter Carb Bombs

Melt together (slowly):

  • ½ Cup creamy peanut butter
  • ¼ Cup cooking oil (vegetable, canola, coconut, etc.)
  • 1 Oz. unsweetened baking chocolate
  • 1 Tablespoon cocoa

Heat the mixture slowly on low temperature until all of the ingredients have melted.  Then remove from the heat.


Add and stir in:

  • ½ Teaspoon vanilla

Pour the mixture into molds (I use small muffin liners in a regular size muffin pan.  The recipe will make 12 servings.


Freeze the molds until totally frozen.  Then remove them from the muffin pan to store in an air-tight container or a zip-lock bag in the freezer.  The “carb bombs” melt quickly when they are out of the freezer.

This version uses more peanut butter without adding any type of sweetener. This adjustment brings out more peanut butter flavor without taking away from the chocolate.

Additional Notes:

  • Each serving has about 3.6 grams of carbohydrates
  • Sugar-free peanut butter can be substituted for regular peanut butter
  • In my most current batch, one almond was placed at the bottom of each mold  before filling each (just depends on your tastes)

This recipe has been thoroughly tested by Big Sky Buckeye and two of his grandchildren, who all give it an impressive “Thumbs-Up”.

If you appreciate additional sweetness, you will find more of it in these previously published poems.  Enjoy!



Sweetest Dream


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Sleeping at night brings pleasurable dreams my way

Dreaming of sugar-filled treats most every single day

Tasting a doughnut filled with vanilla cream

Allowing my sweet tooth to sample a dream

Telling the doughnut to vanish and scamper away

Appearing next, freshly baked cookies wish to stay

Smelling the melted chocolate and cookie dough

Rolling over, my taste buds scream out to know

Dashing dreams of cookies, a delicious pie arrives

Looking at coconut cream is a mammoth surprise

Tossing in bed, my mouth anticipates the sweetest taste

Stepping into my dream, arrives a cake–freshly baked

Licking my lips, velvety chocolate cake will be my fate

Feeling the moisture-rich texture seems a perfect mate

Closing my fantasy suddenly, my mind stirs awake

Remembering to manage my sugars is no mistake

Envisioning so many tantalizing, indulging treats

Controlling sugar levels will be a bitter-filled feat

Using humor is one way that I have taken control of my Type 2 diabetic condition.  I have pretty much abstained from sugar-filled treats (some of my past favorites are described in the poem).  Presently, I am no longer considered pre-diabetic, but I continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper eating, taking meds, and exercising.



Healthy Reversal

person holding black tube

Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. on Pexels.com

Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes a few years ago

Feeling life’s outlook hitting an unsettling low

Hearing new medical terms with much to learn

“Perfect” health now was a major concern 

A doctor was honestly blunt with his views

Realizing now that “sugar is poison for you”

Struggling at first to deal with one’s health

Now understanding that life can be full of wealth

Taking one’s health seriously became the norm

Changing this lifestyle to avoid those storms

New routines are well-established right now

There is no need for anyone to use a crying towel

Taking meds, exercising, and eating smart

Feeling that one’s life is no longer falling apart

I am a living example that anyone can retake charge of his or her health and move forward.  About three years ago, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  For the past two years, my numbers are excellent in terms of blood sugar and cholesterol.