Diabetic Shadow Arrives

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Being diagnosed (officially) with Type 2 Diabetes back in 2016, I was not really committed to improving my health.

When the outset of diabetes showed up at my doorstep, my weight was not an issue.  Exercise had become a forgotten word in my daily life.  I was teaching and very active in the classroom so I sort of figured that my constant activity should count as some type of exercise.

My eating habits were generally healthy except for a passion to eat certain sweets, breads, and pasta.  Honestly, I can remember buying a whole pumpkin pie or a dozen donuts to scarf down in a couple of days.

Why worry, my health had been generally great (“boring” as my doctor told me).  My cholesterol levels had been borderline for many years, but I was facing few complications from it.

Early in 2016, distressing news finally showed up at my doorstep.  My health numbers were elevating to much higher and detrimental levels.  With cholesterol levels going higher than ever before, my doctor took more tests, and A1C became my new score to worry about.

Here are my lab results from 2014, 2015, and the first half of 2016.  Remember now that HDL is the “good” cholesterol component and LDL is the “bad” one.

Date Cholesterol HDL LDL A1C
Feb, 2014 218 42 154 NA
Feb, 2015 222 41 162 6.4
Feb, 2016 249 42 179 7.5

As the above numbers indicate, my numbers were going in the wrong direction as of February, 2016.  In an upcoming post, I will discuss more of this journey with my diabetic shadow.

34 thoughts on “Diabetic Shadow Arrives

  1. I saw this post Ricchard my brother and the first thing that crossed my mind and heart was a smile.Took me back to your hilarious dietary posts that I actually used to read all the way through and totally enjoy.I love how you embrace what life throws your way and take it in stride with God’s grace so this here is another amazing journey I want to enjoy as you take us through big brother.

    Bless you Buckeye.

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  2. I just did the yearly glucose & cholesterol. I was nervous because both my parents were diabetics and my Dad died young (64) of heart disease. My test came back this week. No diabetes and no high cholesterol. I was so thankful! I’m going to read your follow up posts on this but I sincerely hope all is much better. Prayers 🙏

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  3. Well my life has taken a turn this week. My A1c was 6.3 on my recent physical and because its close the doctor called it diabetes. Probably not quite but she has me set to come in and figure out our approach. Pray that I can turn this by diet and exercise and some other lifestyle changes.

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