Sweetest Love

stack of love wooden blocks

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

Love springs eternal in many, beautiful forms

Helping to ease some of life’s angry storms


A mother focuses on her handsome new boy

Rocking him fast to sleep, she’s filled with joy


A teacher reaches out to his unsettled class today

Filling the room with learning, discovering a way


A nervous man asks a pretty woman for a date

Dreaming, could marriage be their future fate?


A son calls upon his ailing mother quite often

Bringing love that helps her illness to soften


A mature couple capturing romance from afar

Tying ribbons of love, reaching heaven’s stars


A young girl eagerly waits by the window all day

Jumping into her father’s lap with much to say


A caring wife prepares a meal by candlelight

Inspiring a time of love with her man tonight


A family cherishes togetherness for all

Adding gentle love that will never fall


A romantic husband brings flowers to his bride

Adding fragrance and beauty, their love amplified


A young couple ties marriage’s knot with “We do”

Cherishing their love, feeling deeply rich and true


God sends His Son, offering His greatest gift

Washing away our sins, lives no longer adrift





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