Foggy Rain


Morning arrives filled with much rain and fog

The view outside looks more like soggy smog

The arrival of another day brings a new, fresh start

Hopefully a writer’s words will be like a work of art

Twinkling street lights appear through the wet haze

The sun’s illumination will remain hidden all this day

Sounds of rain splashing against the window’s glass

This morning mist looks to find a home at long last

Perhaps the intense rain will inspire a pen to write

Maybe words will arrive with impressions so right

The calmness evaporates as a gentle wind arrives

The steady rain matures as its intensity thrives

Rain hurls through the air in a sideways manner

The large drops sound as loud as a jackhammer

Lightning flashes across the foggy, gray sky

Rumbling thunder echoes as if a jet flies by

The worn, wooden planks of the patio deck shine

A slippery sheen generates added beauty so fine

The sky lightens up for a moment or two

Nature’s own light offers a beautiful view

Now the rain restarts with amounts far too much

Flooding may bring for some an absence of luck

The day will continue to be soggy and wet for all

At least this poem has answered a writer’s call


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