Nightly Sentinels

silhouette of light house under gray dark sky

Photo by Vladyslav Dukhin on

Silent darkness arrives along the lake’s shore

Bringing beauty, but there is danger and more

Nightfall’s murkiness shrouds potential disaster

Hiding exposed reefs and shoals that may matter

A large vessel silently churns towards its destination

Navigating through the gloom to reach its final station

Danger lurks along a concealed shoreline in the empty dark

Demanding the skipper to plot a course so steady on its mark

A lighthouse stands alone by the shore’s breakwater

Warning of unexpected hazards so ships don’t falter

For years, Lake Erie’s travel routes have been patrolled

Providing warning lights and fog sirens, bright and bold

There are numerous nighttime sentries along Ohio’s coast

Protecting ships and crew at locations that harbor a post

Ashtabula, Huron, Conneaut, Marblehead, and Lorain

Marking safe passage for crossing Erie’s shipping lanes

A misty fog blankets the rocky shore this lonely night

Synchronizing light with sound, the lone sentinel’s might

Today’s ships sail with improved navigational systems

Causing too many lighthouses to decline and fall victim

Some guardians along Erie’s shore are preserved

Reminding visitors of their rich history to serve

Unique and fascinating designs still live to shine

Preventing accidents and disasters for all time


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