Monday Memories: Sweetest Dream

This updated poem was first-published in March, 2019.  Every day I accept the personal challenge to follow a healthy lifestyle in managing my blood glucose levels.  With proper exercise, eating right, and taking medications, I have been able to succeed.  I sometimes use humor as a tool to keep myself motivated, and writing this poem serves this purpose.

three assorted donuts with milk

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Sleeping at night brings pleasurable dreams my way

Dreaming of sugar-filled treats most every single day


Tasting a doughnut filled with vanilla cream

Allowing my sweet tooth to sample a dream


Advising the doughnut to vanish and scamper away

Appearing next, freshly baked cookies wish to stay


Smelling the melted chocolate and cookie dough

Rolling over, my taste buds scream out to know


Dashing dreams of cookies, a delicious pie arrives

Looking at coconut cream is a mammoth surprise


Tossing in bed, my mouth anticipates the sweetest taste

Cruising into my dream, appears a cake—freshly baked


Licking my lips, velvety-rich chocolate cake will be my fate

Sampling the moisture-rich texture seems a perfect mate


Closing my fantasy suddenly, my mind stirs awake

Remembering to manage my sugars is no mistake


Envisioning so many tantalizing, indulging treats

Controlling sugar levels will be a bitter-filled feat

bakery baking cake chocolate

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