Serenity’s Rain

Witnessing an early morning rain inspires the visions for this poem.  It is amazing how a view through an open window can bring forth images to write from.

abstract art artistic autumn

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Replenishing parched, barren land

Serenity’s rain, from God’s hand


Quenching desert’s eternal thirst

Nature smiling, joy now disbursed


Nourishing life with loving pride

Flora and fauna, at God’s side


Touching each leaf, stems from God’s love

Hues of green, colored from above


Singing with praise, birds bless this scene

Creation glowing, dazzling sheen


Sharing splendor, feeling at peace

Morning rain, grants life a new lease


Listening closely, hearing now

God’s serenity, takes a bow

water droplets on green leaf plant

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25 thoughts on “Serenity’s Rain

  1. Thank you for this. I’ve been somewhat “down” on rain. Living in the camper full time has its “issues”. The flooding around us (and poor Michigan) is sad. Each day I seek the sun. Please Mr. Sun ☀️ shine down on me. And HE, our Heavenly Papa IS shining. And I watch the forecast and think, “all these people and more storm warnings.” Yes, our country seems stormy right now. And what will be washed clean will make way for new growth. Or I pray it will. Thank you for the beauty in this post and lovely reminder.

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    • I understand how too much rain cannot be fun in your case. As the rain was beginning here (about the same time as the rains hit Michigan), I couldn’t have imagined that we would receive 4-5 inches of rain in four days (most of it in the first two days).

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      • All of the poor flooded areas are still suffering. We are over 14 inches above average. My walking trail by the lake was nearly covered. If they open gates at Dam there’s fear of flooding Lake Taneycomo. We had nasty storms last night~a nearby camper lost its awning. They’re calling for rain the next 3 days. It should start to dry out by weekend. What a strange and soggy time! But I have faith always 💚

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