Scanning News Headlines

The inspiration for these verses comes from recent headlines in the newspaper.  When a reader ventures away from the front page, there is a treasure of life’s stories waiting.

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 Weather vanes invented with single aim

Adding visual symbolism’s acclaim


Wandering away from life’s busy streets

Nature offers solitude’s finest seats


Rescuing two lives in one single day

Sixth grader’s actions blaze this hero’s way


Local diner evolves, now town’s flagship

Coffee and donuts to full menu trip


Treetop’s aerial gliders taking flight

Flying squirrels airborne, astounding sight


“Fiddler on the Roof” shares fabled story

Cultural icon relives its glory 


Simplify cooking steps for more success

Start early and share duties, with less stress


Democracy threatened by world’s neglect

Time to promote common good’s architect


Embracing its increasing attendance

Art museum’s lasting independence


Heartbreaking storms, compassion now descends

Neighbors’ lasting love bringing help to mend


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Noteworthy Headlines

Gathering a few thoughts from recent newspaper headlines, these hidden gems share some notable treasures.  Let’s celebrate in the praises of everyday life.

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Infiltrating households and lonely hearts

Pets changing lives, with nurturing restarts


Treehouse fulfills wish, dreams really come true

Living monument, to boy’s health breakthrough


Retiring first-ever diet soft drink

TaB’s pop culture fades, no longer in sync


Gardening preserves one’s health, endless ways

Cultivate positive rewards each day


German icebreaker fulfills yearlong quest

Surveys the Arctic, climate change addressed


Sharing rock star’s reflections and insight

Peter Frampton, from ashes to twilight


Collectors flocking to Halloween gear

Vintage toys and costumes, from yesteryear


Small farms encompass lasting myths and dreams

Stewardship’s green space, sowing nature’s seams


Creating backyard bird-filled habitat

Places to perch, inviting welcome mat


Babysit grandson, brings grandpa a break

Takes little red wagon, loving keepsake


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Headlining the News

From recent editions of The Columbus Dispatch, here are some headlines pulled together into a poetry format.  We are blessed in the United States to experience the presence of a free press.  I am blessed to be able to read a local newspaper which does an effective job of being objective in its reporting.

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School funding equity reform continues to vex lawmakers

Economic downturns, budget cuts turn into deal breakers


Racism proclaimed as a public health plague

Insuring equitable policies, no longer vague


Spare bedrooms shouldn’t be a home for junk

Cleaning and decluttering this neglected funk


Underpaid, essential workers feeling pushed to the brink

Working under conditions, where danger doesn’t shrink


Books delve into joys, thrills, mysteries of living

Rediscovering one’s love to read, always giving


Peaceful protest awakens a small community

Exercising constitutional rights, walk for unity


Expectant women consider giving birth at home

Fearing pandemic at hospital, isolated and alone


Protest arrives in another small town

Rumors and hatred stir up all around


Cool investment of money can buy posh LA chateau

Dazzling, skyline residence requires hefty cash flow


Local man walking the state, one step at a time

His reflections leading to a quiet, new paradigm


Crippled postal service tackling financial woes

Pandemic cutting usage, usual revenue slows


Walking, marching together—freedom as one

Tired of hatred and discrimination—never fun

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In the News

I read The Columbus Dispatch every Sunday, and I appreciate its objective reporting and coverage of local and state issues as well as national news.  Using some headlines from the past couple of weeks, this poem is crafted to give you a glimpse of life.   A similar post, New Flash, was posted about a year ago.

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Learning to survive, food cart vendor relocates to new place

Sights, sounds, smell–remaining the same at his new space


Playing accordion from his apartment’s stoop

Neighbors appreciate, spirits no longer droop


Growing a family’s vegetable garden this spring

Fresh air, saving money with a harvest to bring


Parking silent airplanes at far too many airports

Not so friendly skies viewed in shocking reports


Scheduling virtual medical appointments for next week

Telemedicine brings seismic shift with new techniques


Facing uncertain fall semester, colleges standing by

Hiring freezes and furloughs deliver agony and cries


Adopting distance learning challenges America’s schools

Some students missing special help and technology tools


Switching over to virtual college visits this summer

Zoom becomes social distancing’s new drummer


Appreciating entertainment from comedy superstars

Virtual comedy shows now sharing laughs from afar


Missing daily routines, spring sports coaches feel sidelined

Life without athletics, coaches alone and missing the grind

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News Flash


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Local newspapers remain a stalwart source of information about local, national, and international events.  Reporters–who doggedly pursue facts about news, stories, and editorials–bring accurate, timely, and insightful reporting and writing.  Journalism is still alive and free, and it needs to remain so to preserve a democratic way of life filled with personal freedoms.  The following events were taken from headlines printed in recent issues of The Columbus Dispatch.

A talented surgeon is told that he is too old

Yet his precise skills remain amazingly bold

Japanese culture makes mothers do it all

While fathers sit back and stand “small”

Medical pot is peddled to those with special needs

Others want more to feed a habit filled with greed

Autonomous vehicles may soon be here

For some, there remains much to fear

A nation’s leader continues to repeat the identical spiel

When will the citizens grow tired of his worn-out deal?

A big city overwhelmed by a barrage of fresh snow

Are those snowplows parked there just for show?

With winter dragging on indefinitely into another week

Cars need to beware of potholes, flat tires they seek

Polar bears occupy an isolated, Russian Arctic village

Climate change pushes hungry bears south to pillage

Mother Nature flexes her muscles around the clock

Homes threatened by flooding, highways blocked

A former house of worship sits vacant and very alone

With inspiration, a creative family turns it into a home

Mankind remains fascinated with exploring outer space

A newly discovered moon near Nepture makes its case

Newspapers print informative stories every day

They bring truth and facts with realness to say