Headlining the News

From recent editions of The Columbus Dispatch, here are some headlines pulled together into a poetry format.  We are blessed in the United States to experience the presence of a free press.  I am blessed to be able to read a local newspaper which does an effective job of being objective in its reporting.

Photo by Hasan Albari on Pexels.com

School funding equity reform continues to vex lawmakers

Economic downturns, budget cuts turn into deal breakers


Racism proclaimed as a public health plague

Insuring equitable policies, no longer vague


Spare bedrooms shouldn’t be a home for junk

Cleaning and decluttering this neglected funk


Underpaid, essential workers feeling pushed to the brink

Working under conditions, where danger doesn’t shrink


Books delve into joys, thrills, mysteries of living

Rediscovering one’s love to read, always giving


Peaceful protest awakens a small community

Exercising constitutional rights, walk for unity


Expectant women consider giving birth at home

Fearing pandemic at hospital, isolated and alone


Protest arrives in another small town

Rumors and hatred stir up all around


Cool investment of money can buy posh LA chateau

Dazzling, skyline residence requires hefty cash flow


Local man walking the state, one step at a time

His reflections leading to a quiet, new paradigm


Crippled postal service tackling financial woes

Pandemic cutting usage, usual revenue slows


Walking, marching together—freedom as one

Tired of hatred and discrimination—never fun

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

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