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I read The Columbus Dispatch every Sunday, and I appreciate its objective reporting and coverage of local and state issues as well as national news.  Using some headlines from the past couple of weeks, this poem is crafted to give you a glimpse of life.   A similar post, New Flash, was posted about a year ago.

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Learning to survive, food cart vendor relocates to new place

Sights, sounds, smell–remaining the same at his new space


Playing accordion from his apartment’s stoop

Neighbors appreciate, spirits no longer droop


Growing a family’s vegetable garden this spring

Fresh air, saving money with a harvest to bring


Parking silent airplanes at far too many airports

Not so friendly skies viewed in shocking reports


Scheduling virtual medical appointments for next week

Telemedicine brings seismic shift with new techniques


Facing uncertain fall semester, colleges standing by

Hiring freezes and furloughs deliver agony and cries


Adopting distance learning challenges America’s schools

Some students missing special help and technology tools


Switching over to virtual college visits this summer

Zoom becomes social distancing’s new drummer


Appreciating entertainment from comedy superstars

Virtual comedy shows now sharing laughs from afar


Missing daily routines, spring sports coaches feel sidelined

Life without athletics, coaches alone and missing the grind

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