Noteworthy Headlines

Gathering a few thoughts from recent newspaper headlines, these hidden gems share some notable treasures.  Let’s celebrate in the praises of everyday life.

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Infiltrating households and lonely hearts

Pets changing lives, with nurturing restarts


Treehouse fulfills wish, dreams really come true

Living monument, to boy’s health breakthrough


Retiring first-ever diet soft drink

TaB’s pop culture fades, no longer in sync


Gardening preserves one’s health, endless ways

Cultivate positive rewards each day


German icebreaker fulfills yearlong quest

Surveys the Arctic, climate change addressed


Sharing rock star’s reflections and insight

Peter Frampton, from ashes to twilight


Collectors flocking to Halloween gear

Vintage toys and costumes, from yesteryear


Small farms encompass lasting myths and dreams

Stewardship’s green space, sowing nature’s seams


Creating backyard bird-filled habitat

Places to perch, inviting welcome mat


Babysit grandson, brings grandpa a break

Takes little red wagon, loving keepsake


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