Little Treasures

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My life matures with so very much to enjoy

Being with grandchildren brings love and joy

God blesses us with these matchless wonders

Hearing their playfulness louder than thunder

The Lord has blessed my role as a grandfather

Bringing love opportunities without any bother

Morning arrives with my coffee cup filled

Thinking of grandchildren spawns a thrill

Some live close, others reside farther away

Praying for each one helps to start my day

Their parents feel blessed with each child

Allowing me to call each one my grandchild

These children march through remarkable lives

Offering vivid moments that continue to thrive

Photographs authenticate each child’s life story

Filling my appetite with incredible love and glory

God has glorified me with these little tikes

Reminding of humble times, forever to like


Grandpa’s Front Porch

2018 November Moyer's Front Porch 001.JPG

Remembering an amazing time many years ago

Looking forward to seeing Grandpa—let’s go!

Sitting on his front porch for endless times

Allowing a special grandson to feel so fine

Bouncing on Grandpa’s knee was such fun

Laughing and giggling until there was none

Seeing Grandpa’s old, rustic rocking chair

Bringing back memories of us as a pair

Enjoying another warm, yet peaceful summer night

Listening to Grandpa’s stories full of fun and fright

Watching the fireflies dancing above the tall, green grass

Hearing through the screen door, radio shows long past

Observing neighbors walking down an endless sidewalk

Pausing to spend a magic moment with us with a talk

Tasting Grandma’s freshly baked, sweet treats

Arousing taste buds and sweet tooth to meet

Spending time together for an hour or maybe two

Witnessing life from a porch offers quite a view

Finding and sitting in the old rocking chair once more

Seeing that the years have been kind and restored

Smiling now as the porch hasn’t changed too much

Adding a new floor with fresh paint and such

Recalling Grandpa on this comforting porch

Carrying on for him, with a brightly lit torch

Passing on an ageless and honored family tradition

Listening again to Grandpa’s favorite renditions

Filling young lives with memories of nurturing love

Lifting thoughts up to Grandpa in heaven above