Monday Memories: Little Treasures

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My life matures with treasured blessings to enjoy

Being with grandchildren brings rich love and joy


God blesses us with these matchless wonders

Hearing their playfulness louder than thunder


The Lord has blessed my role as a grandfather

Bringing love opportunities without any bother


Morning arrives with my coffee cup filled

Thinking of grandchildren spawns a thrill


Some live close, others reside farther away

Praying for each one helps to start my day


Their parents feeling blessed with each child

Allowing me to call each one my grandchild


These children march through remarkable lives

Offering vivid moments which continue to thrive


Photographs authenticate each child’s life story

Filling my appetite with incredible love and glory


God has glorified me with these little tikes

Reminding of humble times, forever to like

Photo by Pixabay on

28 thoughts on “Monday Memories: Little Treasures

  1. grandchildren are pure joy. I had them for almost 4 years every day because my daughter worked. I was praying when I was driving in the Spirit for protection they where small the boy older by 3 or 4 years I forgot, lol I am getting old. That was the best time in my life but, when they get older you love them the same but they are kind of gone. My grandson the older one comes to visit but my granddaughter not yet. and the other boy is still young 14. I go once a year to see them. you are lucky having them near, BLESSED.


  2. Oh Richard, you make me jealous! My grandchildren are too far away! 3 in Switzerland, 3 in CA, and the one here in Big Sky too busy caring for her two with regular trips to BZN to come back to Ennis for a visit very often. Your poetry is beautiful. Is that you and Colleen with two of yours??

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  3. a beautiful tribute to all your grandies … my father said if he knew being a grandfather was so amazing he would have skipped the first part 😉

    all care and no responsibility, or direct responsibility!

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