Back in Time

Walking along the ancient canal towpath fills my mind with thoughts of years ago . . .

Early morning walk, going back in time

Autumn’s breath creates thoughts, filling with rhyme


Trekking along canal’s ancient pathway

Thoughts caress past moments, plenty to say


Gentle breeze, sending leaves twirling on down

Mind arrives at different time and town


Dreaming . . .


More simple times, without high tech living

Days invite, delightful and forgiving


Riding bareback along the old canal

Looking for trees to climb with school-age pals


Fishing one final time, nearby pond waits

When icy winter comes, change to ice skates


Creepy, storm-filled nights, reading classic prose

Edgar Allen Poe’s words, scary shadows


Looking for literature’s lighter themes

Whitman, Hawthorne, Melville adding to dreams


Quiet evenings filled with family time

Gathered around for radio’s primetime


Crisp, fall afternoon, gridiron titans clash

College football rivals looking to smash


Romance blossoms, courtship takes center stage

Life filling with sweetness, each turning page


Back to reality . . .


Journey runs into closed gate at Rager Road

Turning around, grateful for time borrowed


Looking forward to walking here real soon

Fondest memories, let them sing a tune


A quiet place for fishing, conversation, and winter ice skating.

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