Passing the Torch

man wearing gray and brown hat with eyeglasses

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Watching a quiet Saturday sunrise

Feeling grateful, thankful to be alive


Being retired, life moves at a slower pace

Realizing, there’s no need to win the race


Remembering grandfathers, crisp and clear

Teaching life lessons, steady and sincere


Growing up, learning from their example

Tasting life with every new sample


Loving family, with kindness and care

Treating marriage, with love beyond compare


Passing on wisdom, making good choices

Sitting here now, hearing cherished voices


Accepting their torch, these years move along

Being a grandfather, where love belongs


Filling up life, grandchildren sharing love

Joining other grandfathers, fits like a glove

green lit torch

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31 thoughts on “Passing the Torch

  1. Perfect, Richard! Being a grandparent is such a privilege. I never met either of my grandfathers (they both died before I was born), so being a grandmother and watching my husband read to and play with his grandchildren, being a presence in their young lives, was so special. I never took it for granted. I just wish that now I was able to be a presence in the lives of my great-grandchildren… but alas, they are distant and not inclined to use social media to connect in a personal way. Ah well… it is what it is. At least at the grandparent level, we were there! God bless you for this lovely poem! Have a rest-filled Saturday!

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      • Yes, we find ways, too. Our grandson called us last night, just checking in. And we facetimed today with our two daughters (one in Maryland and the other in Switzerland)… and chatted briefly with Chris, or youngest Swiss grandson. Thank God for internet!

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  2. So touching and beautiful. My Grandfather Wilson was a Southern Baptist preacher for 60 years~even doing prison ministry. He would be turning 109 this year. He scared me at times (a little pulpit pounding)~but he had our hearts at the forefront of every motive and action. He wire a white polyester button down, trousers, and suspenders (he was tall and lanky). My Grandfather Hale loved to travel and would have turned 104 this year. He listened to Cardinal ballgames on the radio, watched my Day play fast pitch softball all the time, and had a soft giggle. Stays in his Winnebago gave me my RVing “bug”. How blessed am I to have had such wonderful Grandpas? Thank you for evoking these memories and blessings. God bless you always

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