Morning Ramblings


Waiting patiently for the morning hours to pass by

Wearing pajamas and slippers—let the time fly!

Drinking another cup of coffee to warm the heart

Hoping those dreadful ailments won’t begin to start

Taking so many pills has become a daily chore

Looking ahead to a future and say—“No more!”

Hearing activity outside pulls one’s attention away

Seeing a few of the neighbors who are busy at play

Sitting lazily around with not very much to do

Dreaming of a future day with an exciting view

Viewing a whole hour of “The Price is Right”

Realizing that some people watch TV ‘til night

Watching out the kitchen window offers very little hope

Feeling pulled back to bed along a taut and stretched rope

Striking Noon, the clock says that another morning is finally done

Hoping to return to sleep, and wake-up again to the daybreak sun






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