Morning Rain

road landscape nature forest

Photo by veeterzy on

Raining lightly, my Monday begins quietly and oddly slow

Avoiding my usual morning walk creates a tranquil flow

Drinking another cup of coffee, and feeling totally fine

Enjoying the calmness and gray skies for another time

Reading from the Bible and reflecting on some devotions

Feeling relaxed and silently focused without much emotion

Listening to a favorite song brings a welcoming smile

Realizing that my bike waits again for some indoor miles

Praying to the Lord that my family enjoys a great day

Knowing that He will bring them peace along the way

Editing some poetry lines that looks nearly ready to post

Searching for another thought that will create the most

Appreciating my special morning more than ever before

Understanding that my soul feels delightfully restored

Looking forward to tomorrow morning, and what it brings

Facing another day of rain will still make my heart sing


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