Day’s Reflections (Haiku Series #190)


Each dollar now counts

Inflation deflates wallet—

Misery for all

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World of tiny bursts

One sound bite’s information—

Where’s rest of story?

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Undaunted voices

Place country over party—

Profiles in courage

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Weekly News Headlines

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Singer Johnny Mathis still going strong

Bewitching vocals, smooth as silk in song


Warblers’ springtime plumage brightens landscape

Shades of blue, green, yellow, orange take shape


Farmers’ fertilizer prices spiking

Increased overhead not to their liking


Brown paper bags, twigs, plastic onion sacks

Collage recycles artist’s new syntax


Coffee-shop lunch counter welcomes noon time

Never forgotten, Woolworth’s “five and dime”


Belgian bluebells removing anxious stress

Nature’s medicine blooming to suppress


Most precious art comes from life’s inner heart

Handmade, with heartfelt love, creates folk art


Rethinking world’s disrupted supply chains

Rising shipping costs cause production strains


Walking, life’s underrated exercise

Fitness and health, energized at sunrise


Transforming river’s filthy slime and grime

Barge harvests garbage, one bag at a time


Everything’s shrinking except these prices

Consumers enduring sacrifices


Sports teaching much more than loses and wins

Lessons from playing field, wisdom begins


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Hottest News

When one stops at this small town’s Conoco station, the news is the hottest brand going! (courtesy of Pinterest)

The fabric of a small town in strengthened by how people stay connected with one another.  Long before the Internet and cable, people actually talked face-to-face.

Billy owns and operates a small service station on the corner of Main Street and the highway which passes through town.  Years ago, he took over the operation from his father.  Assisting him a few hours each day is Duane, a retired highway patrol trooper.

Billy and Duane run a station without too many frills.  They stick pretty much to selling gas, changing worn-out batteries, rotating and balancing tires, and light service and maintenance of cars and trucks.

Anyone who just happens to drop in can usually find a seat on the generous and wide window ledge inside as well as a comfortable bench outside.

The “Conoco” station has been here for many years so everyone knows about Billy and his business.  People depend on him for many of their automotive needs, but the special folks drop in for an even more important reason.

Many people think the original CNN (Cable News Network) was founded in 1980 by media mogul Ted Turner.  Billy likes to think otherwise.

A small sign on the bulletin board identifies this station as a site for CNN.  For the “hottest brand going” in local news, one needs to stop by CNN (Conoco News Network), which is years older than the other CNN.       

Locals stop in to catch up on the latest news and more.  Sometimes a visitor just might hear a bit of innocent gossip or the sharing of a story or two (but watch out for the really “tall” tales).

On the busiest of days, Billy and Duane always have a free minute to share and gather news.  The day always goes faster with conversation while a car or truck goes up on the hoist every half hour.

Joe stops by this morning.  He is a colorful cowboy-type who worked on the big dam construction project back in the 1930s.  His stories are legendary.  But be warned, he just might take one on a hunt for pocket gophers.

Another regular happens to be Pete, a retired teacher.  Later in the morning, he stops by on his way to the post office.  In a small town, everything is within a short distance.

In the early afternoon, Flint rides up on his fine-looking quarter horse.  The duo has been out for a ride, and both need a quick water break.  Even at CNN, news can be delivered by “Pony Express.”

Flint and his horse rest a spell after their ride. (courtesy of Pinterest)

Headlines Share Goodness

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Comet Neowise visible in nighttime sky

Brightness adds wonder with this fly by


Book lover yearns for a single, big library room

Books scattered throughout a house consumed


War veteran’s birthday reaches milestone of five score

Celebrating with drive-by parade, lasting love adores


David Lee Roth allows his artwork to do all the talking

Van Halen singer creates vibrant drawings, all rocking


Backyard farming brings garden-variety experiment

Mix of triumphs and failures sparks life’s merriment


Michigan man creates million dollar treasure quest

Buried jewelry, precious metals, antiques—no jest!


Teachers making investment in beneficial skills

Determined to make remote learning fit the bill


Old hardware stockpile offers newest treasures

Ghosts of hardware past make lasting pleasures


Hosting backyard movies invites welcome distraction

Adding drive-in movies as summer’s main attraction


Family should earn a doctorate for raising four boys

Each becomes a surgeon, filled with talented poise


Pandemic increases customer demand for reading material

Shoppers buying books and paperbacks along with cereal


Probe, rover, and drone plan to scrutinize planet Mars

Called Hope, Perseverance, Ingenuity—heavenly stars

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