Preserving Our Earthly Home


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The planet is fashioned by God’s expert hands

Creating the depths and peaks across the land

He uses wisdom to create the seas

Refreshing the dry land that we see


Earth Day arrives as an annual event

Witnessing our actions that implement

We are asked to be loyal guardians of this earth

Preserving it always, adds to its value and worth


Loss of natural treasures causes intense sadness

Being good stewards, brings God much gladness

Farmers operate to be effective caretakers of the land

Asking the rest of us to walk with them, hand in hand


We are called by our Lord to be fully aware

Sending out trustworthy legions, always fair

History and science often transmit gloomy news

Watching this earthly home decline in our view


Look around the planet, where we call home to be

Asking, what can be accomplished for God to see?

Perhaps our political kingpins should stop and pause

Leading a call to action for a just and worthy cause


Our planet is transforming before our vigilant eyes

Envisioning climate change and more as time flies

Our earthly sanctuary furnishes a home for all

Protecting our environment, too precious to fall

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Earth Day is a yearly event on April 22.  Many view “Earth Day” as an every day activity to preserve our planet for future generations.  These verses from Psalm 95:3-5 bring to mind God’s wondrous creation, which deserves our fullest attention in being excellent stewards of what He has given us.

“For the Lord is a great God and a great King above all gods.  In His hands are the depths of the earth; and the heights of the mountains are His also.  The sea is His, for He made it, and the dry land, which His hands have formed.”


Resurrection Hope

Our Lord’s Resurrection

Brings forth Salvation

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His Father guides Abraham to faithfully pray

Allowing acts of devotion with richness to say

King David speaks of the coming Messiah

Just as images emanate forth from Isaiah

Skeptics scoff, declare Resurrection is untrue

Christ proclaims He has indeed risen—so true!

The Father’s fulfills His grace-filled plan

Reaching out to us with His paternal hand

God generates hope for a darkness-filled land

All witness the piercings on His son’s hands

Christ’s blood is spilled for your sins and mine

Bringing the Cross front and center for all time

God carries forth His amazing grace

Making Resurrection a genuine place

Christ comes alive to witness and call

I am the Resurrection and life for all

Jesus brings Salvation to the righteous

Offering hope to even the unrighteous

Being saved by red blood shed for thee

Humbling ourselves and taking a knee

Many believers arrive to proudly proclaim

Christ’s Resurrection is more than a game

Each and every day all should always say

Christ offers His shed blood to fully pay

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Our Lord’s Resurrection

Brings forth Salvation


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E. M. Bounds

Only God can move mountains, but faith and prayer can move God.

From Mark 11:23:   “Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. “

Heavenly Message


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When I stumble

My body tumbles

Weakness fills me

Not worthy to see

Trying to rise to move

Just not in my groove

People walk right by

None saying even “hi”

Ignoring me there

Silence is never fair

Feeling so much alone

Picking up my phone

Find a short text to read

Responding to my needs

Standing up now

Kneeling to bow

The message remains

No, I’m not to blame

“My brother, rise up thee

Now, always follow me”




Walking to Daylight

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At morning, walking in total darkness

Filling a world with a silent quietness

A full moon illuminates the crystal clear sky

Brightening a walker’s thoughts, time flies

The frigid, morning air washes across a face

Sending a wintry breath filled with cold taste

A layer of garments safeguards from the chill

Walking for an hour awakens a sluggish will

An early, morning walk isn’t for the weak of heart

Feeling somewhat better now after a dismal start

A series of shadows dance around a home

Making a soul feel remote and quite alone

All eyes must stay alert on the sidewalk

Signaling when an uneven surface stalks

The mood is set for a moving conversation

Hearing God’s Biblical word brings sensation

A mindful heart beckons to come through

Creating an intimacy with a Lord so true

The walk’s pace continues to march right along

Allowing this rendezvous with time that’s long

The eastern sky begins to brighten with light

Bringing an end soon to this walk of delight

Another early morning walk will come again

Walking to daylight with Christ as my friend


Do you look forward to early morning walks?  If so, what do you like most about such an activity?



Marching With Our Lord

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From the quiet darkness, the Enemy lurks and waits

Waiting with his empty promises, fills him with hate

Our Lord God brings much strength and power

Preparing us for battle with a Spirit that towers

An exalted, mighty fortress our God builds for us all

Defending us behind stout walls that will never fall

God prepares us to be warriors standing tall

Defeating forces of spiritual evil is God’s call

Nothing shall ever overcome God’s master plan

Remaining faithful to His word, we humbly stand

Now dressed mightily for battle with God’s sacred tools

Wearing God’s armor, we will always march to His rule

Fasten on the belt of truth that God dictates we wear

Wear the breastplate of righteousness that we bear

Carry the shield of faith always in God’s name

Strap on the helmet of salvation that we claim

The crafty Enemy desires to rule over God’s creation

Arming ourselves with the Spirit’s sword brings elation

God will triumph through us at our call

Causing the Enemy to tremble afterall

God’s chosen ally will always march at our side

Sending Christ to keep the road open and wide

The Enemy’s darkness will be penetrated by God’s light

Retreating from our Savior, who prevails with His might

God’s awesome kingdom will proudly reign for all eternity

Prevailing in His Spirit and abiding in Truth brings victory

The text references for this poem come from two sources (each is linked):  Ephesians 6:10-17 written by Apostle Paul, and the hymn “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” written by Martin Luther.