Now a Grassy Field

This poem reflects upon the consequences of actions by both nature and man.  Over the years, these events have included endless examples:  earthquakes, drought, tornadoes, wild fires, hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods, chemical spills, wars, and many more.  Where once stood a robust village–which was full of life–now replaced by the marker of an empty, grassy field.

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Hidden corner

World’s heartache

Void’s emptiness


Time long ago

Quaint village

Breathing with life


Disaster struck

Shredding life

Snuffing out breath


Natural acts

Or man-made

Crushing spirits


Now a grassy field



Village gone

Quietness speaks


Lasting impact

Death now reigns

Changed forever


No more children

Shops shuttered

Purging future


Sun still rises

Nothing shines

Sunrise crying


Now a grassy field

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7 thoughts on “Now a Grassy Field

  1. Very emotionally disturbing poems but very true. God sends storms and sometimes there are no survivors. Sad but true. I don’t buy into the global warming crisis that the media is putting out there. I’m a believer that God will destroy the earth when He is ready and not one day before. He may or may not use the “climate change” as part of His method, but Revelation says that there will be a new Heaven and a new earth, so I believe it is part of the end times and God’s final judgment, not mankind’s rampant disregard of natural laws. I don’t believe that there is anything we can do to destroy the earth unless God allows it.


  2. Thought provoking. My grandmother used to say that God was cleaning house with natural tragedies. Maybe an ounce of truth, but I believe in God’s love for creation and His creatures. The imperfect state of the world is a result of sin and a new world is part of his promise to us.


  3. It’s sobering to view the damage after a natural disaster. Man may think he’s in control of his destiny, but floods, earthquakes, forest fires and the like quickly prove that he is not. And even if a person is blessed to escape disaster a number of times, there is one tragedy no one eludes forever: death. Our only hope of surviving that final disaster is Jesus Christ (John 14:6).


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