Now a Grassy Field

This poem reflects upon the consequences of actions by both nature and man.  Over the years, these events have included endless examples:  earthquakes, drought, tornadoes, wild fires, hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods, chemical spills, wars, and many more.  Where once stood a robust village–which was full of life–now replaced by the marker of an empty, grassy field.

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Hidden corner

World’s heartache

Void’s emptiness


Time long ago

Quaint village

Breathing with life


Disaster struck

Shredding life

Snuffing out breath


Natural acts

Or man-made

Crushing spirits


Now a grassy field



Village gone

Quietness speaks


Lasting impact

Death now reigns

Changed forever


No more children

Shops shuttered

Purging future


Sun still rises

Nothing shines

Sunrise crying


Now a grassy field

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