Summer’s Sweetness

Photo by Andrea Davis on

Life no longer singing wintertime blues

Summer’s sweetness rocks around timeless clock

Easy life, driving nature’s express lane

Planning fun times on each neighborhood block


Fresh-cut wood pile, next to backyard fire pit

Little granddaughter’s eyes, poised to light up

Marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate

Making sweet S’mores, summer’s perfect line-up


Nighttime fun never really wants to end

New memories flicker around fire’s glow

Please, please . . . let us stay for another hour

Darkening fire gracefully ends night’s show


On my, another blessed summer night

Dreaming later, tomorrow taking flight

Photo by Kindel Media on

8 thoughts on “Summer’s Sweetness

    • Lisa, I agree with you about the heat. Here in central Ohio, we have already experienced about ten days with a heat index over 100. And we haven’t reached the usual hottest days in July and August. Stay cool and safe.

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      • We have been lucky here so far. Nothing past 86. Next week looks like we will have some rough days, though. We will manage! I hate that heat hits me so hard but I’ve found ways to manage (while feeling awful and crying a little 😂).

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